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Heritage Churches in Ilocos Sur | Ilocos Region, Philippines

 Heritage churches in Ilocos Sur are just aplenty that there is 1 of it for every 15,000 Roman Catholic residents. And the reason is simple — Ilocos Sur was a Spanish stronghold during the colonial period.

heritage churches in ilocos sur

The churches of Ilocandia & in many other Spanish colonial towns in the Philippines are more than just architectural legacies. They speak of colonial religiosity, the unity of denominations as well as the religious divide it created in traditions within traditions.

heritage churches in ilocos sur

Trailing the Holy Grail of Heritage Churches in Ilocos Sur

The Ilocos region is perhaps the holy grail of colonial churches in the country. The Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia sits in Vigan, the capital city of the southern half & the 3rd oldest Spanish settlement founded in 1572.

Being an important link in the Galleon Trade, Spanish settlements expanded across the region. Thus, the presence of many colonial-style architecture.

heritage churches in ilocos sur

In essence, these heritage churches in Ilocos Sur are mostly adaptations of baroque architecture. It was a popular building style in the late 16th century in Europe. The constructions were led by frailes & put together by Filipino & Chinese labourers & artisans.

heritage churches in ilocos sur

These designs were products of collective realities in those times, being: in a tropical & seismic environment. Also the available building materials & technology of that era. Most importantly, the various cultural influences that dictate its aesthetic value.

Santa Lucia Church
Santa Lucia

santa lucia church ilocos sur

Built in 1856. Dedicated to the dark image of Santa Lucia. The only Renaissance inspired heritage church in Ilocos Sur. Characterized by simple symmetrical lines & a dome at the back of the façade. Feast day, December 13.

San Juan de Sahagun
Candon City

San Juan de sahagun church candon city

Built in 1695. Dedicated to San Juan de Sahagun of the Crown of Castille. Feast day, June 12.

Nuestra Señora dela Asuncion
Santa Maria

heritage churches in ilocos sur

Built in 1765. Inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Done in massive earthquake baroque architecture. Moreover, it sits on top of a hill, accessed by long flight of steps made of piedra china. Feast day, August 15.

St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral
Vigan City

st Paul church vegan ilocos sur

Built in 1754 in dedication to St. Paul. The bell tower edges Plaza Burgos. Adjacent to the church is the Arzobispado de Nueva Segovia.

San Agustin de Hippo

Bantay church ilocos sur

Built in 1591. Also known as the Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Caridad, the patroness of Nueva Segovia. To add, its bell tower is one of the most photographed sights in Ilocos Sur.

Santa Catalina de Alexandria
Santa Catalina

santa catalina church ilocos sur

Built in 1795. One of the small heritage churches in Ilocos Sur exemplifying late baroque style where clean lines muted the usual ornate façade. It keeps an 1836 bell.

San Guillermo el Hermitanio

magsingal church ilocos sur

Built in 1927 in a Neo-Classical style. Nearby, is a 4-level octagonal bell tower built around the late 17th century. Feast day, February 10.

San Juan Bautista
San Juan

San Juan ilocos sur

Built in 1799. Founded by the Augustinians as Visita of Cabugao in 1711. Feast day, June 24.

San Nicolas de Tolentino

Sinait ilocos sur

Built in 1660. Enshrined here is the image of Santo Cristo Milagroso, fondly called Apo Lakay. It is a pilgrimage site flocked by devotees every May 3.

San Marcos Evangelista

magsingal ilocos sur

Way past Magsingal, in the town of Cabugao is the church of Cabugao built around 1695. Done in Baroque architecture with its belfry topped by a dome turret.

San Vicente Ferrer Church
San Vicente

san vicente ilocos sur

Moreover, in the town of San Vicente is a massive Baroque church constructed in 1795. It has one of the most ornate facades among the heritage churches in Ilocos Sur. Feast day, April 5.

Santa Catalina de Alexandria

santa ilocos sur

Built between 1849-1855 in Neo-Baroque. Interestingly, this church owes its added ambience being along the sea.

San Esteban Protomartyr
San Esteban

san esteban ilocos sur

This parish takes its roots back to 1625 when it was attached to Nueva Coveta, now Burgos. Albeit small, this church reflects its Augustinian touches.

Santiago Apostol

Santiago ilocos sur

Every July 25, Santiago celebrates the feast of Santiago Apostol. His church, built in the late 18th century is a classic brick-and-stone architecture. Uniquely, its buttresses are circular unlike the usual stye in Ilocos.

Inmaculada Concepcion
Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz ilocos sur

The Parish of Immaculate Conception was constructed around 1641. Rebuilt several times due to earthquakes.

Santo Domingo Parish
Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo ilocos sur

Constructed in 1762. Diego Silang, a hero in the Ilocano revolt was a bell-ringer in this church.

San Ildefonso Parish
San Ildefonso

san ildefonso ilocos sur

Although far from its original look in 1769, this church in San Ildefonso still brings touches of the bygone times.

San Agustin

Tagudin ilocos sur

This church in Tagudin is one of the visited heritage churches in Ilocos Sur. Completed around the early 1880s.

Church of Narvacan

narvacan ilocos sur

Done in 1587, the Church of Narvacan is declared as a National Historical Landmark.


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Note: This is a work in progress. More to be added on this post soon.

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