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The Camsur Deer Farm

No, they do not only exist in Christmas songs and yes, Rudolph may be the most famous one but there is a herd of them in the town of Ocampo in Camarines Sur. In the foothills of Mount Isarog is a 5-hectare deer farm owned by the Province of Camsur. It started in 1996 with just about 60 heads but has to date grown it to 300.
The farm takes care of special Australian specie such the blackbuck antelopes, fallow deer, chital deer, red deer and elk deer. As they are not domesticated animals, they move around large open spaces like prairies with nearby grassland, thick weeds and abundant herbs as their habitat. Guests in the farm are allowed to interact up close with them and can feed the deer with weeds.
They are pretty to look at as they wander around the vast grassland. Some are prancing and leaping from fallen tree branches while those in a herd walk so sexy as they feed on twigs and herbs. Wave your bunch of weeds they would happily race to you and get surrounded by lovely antlers. Local farm boys also help in collecting grass for their food.
Minus the images of Santa in his sleigh and that naughty ‘lil red-nosed reindeer, it’s a cheerful deer farm experience in a Philippine savanna.
  • PAL Express and Cebu Pacific fly directly to Naga City everyday.
  • From the airport or Naga City proper, jeepneys and non-aircon vans ply direct the Ocampo-Naga routes.
  • From the main junction in Ocampo, hire a single motorcycle to drive you up to the farm. It’s a 4-kilometer drive up to Brgy. Sta. Cruz on the foothills of Mt. Isarog. Huddle on the price but don’t go beyond P150 for a roundtrip fare.
  • You may also wish to coordinate with your hotel for tour services around Camsur that includes The Deer Farm. 
  • The Deer Farm is run by the Province of Camarines Sur. For further information, it would be helpful to get in touch with the Provincial Tourism Office in Pili, Camarines Sur, or at +63 54 4773172.

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