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Callao Cave | Penablanca, Cagayan Valley

No doubt, Callao Cave in Cagayan Valley is one of the best show caves in the Philippines. People come here to marvel at its ancient rock-ribbed monstrosity and the drama of streaking light from the surrounding fissures.

And as many as the bats flying out from its crevices at the fall of light, tourists flock in as early as the break of day to catch the splendor of its chambers.

callao cave

Callao Cave: Light in the Hollows

Callao Cave is a karst limestone cave tucked in Barangays Magdalo and Quibal in the quiet town of Peñablanca. It connects seven chambers in the promontory of Pinacanauan River. While there are about 300 caves explored along the western foothills of Sierra Madre, Callao remains a  favourite destination.

callao cave

The Divine Room is the most famous chamber because of its theatrics of light, shape and space. It spans 50 meters wide and domes in 36 meters high. This show cave is so wide that the locals built a chapel in it.

callao cave

At daytime, a streak of sunlight from the crevice above strikes through an altar of saints. This creates a spectacular tableau in a huge cathedral cavern domed by prehistoric mineral deposits.

callao cave

The rest of the cave is a labyrinth of deep chambers and spectacular speleothems of glittering  crystals, helictites and dripstones.

Callao Cave sits on the wider Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape. The government designates it as a national park of earth science and history where a 67,000 year old metatarsal fossil of ancient man was found in 2007.


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Travel Tips

To visit Callao Cave, take Victory Liner from Manila to Tuguegarao  City
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Commercial airlines also fly direct to Tuguegarao City
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