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Tinuy-an Falls : Expressions of Grandeur

There are no better words to describe Tinuy-an Falls but impressively grand! Its breadth spans 95 meters wide and plunges at 55 meters high. It is acclaimed as the widest waterfalls in the Philippines and referred to as the Little Niagara.
Tinuy-an Falls is in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. It is a wonderful 3-tiered waterfall that cascades from the forest of Borboanan. The top-most level is a dramatic spring of water that powerfully breaks from the cracks of huge boulders. Its water is collected on a shallow basin and rapidly thrusts to the middle tier like a water curtain. Despite the very strong current, visitors dare to go under its rampaging water on a bamboo raft for a differently satisfying water massage. Its wide basin is everyone’s favorite for wading and cooling down under the hot sun. It gently flows out to the lowest tier of equally magnificent beauty before it rushes out to the river and onwards to Bislig Bay.
Although Tinuy-an Falls is pushed further inland, the road that leads to it is well paved and safe for travelers. It does not need long and arduous trekking to experience its grandeur because vehicles may be parked right close to the falls. The Local Government Unit has made provisions for parking, refreshment and souvenir stores, cottages and picnic grounds for its visitors.
Tinuy-an Falls is no doubt one of the amazing waterfalls in the Philippines and is by far the grandest tropical treat in the Province of Surigao del Sur. It is certainly beautiful and as the locals say it in Kamayo, matadlas!
By Air
By Land
  • The easiest route is from Butuan City. Travel time is approximately 4 hours. If you are traveling on a private vehicle, this could save you more time. Those taking the public transport, there are buses that ply the Butuan-Mangagoy route. From there, take the jeepney to the jump off point. From the main road, rent a motorcycle called by the locals as habal-habal to the waterfall.
  • Overnight stay is permitted. You may pitch your tent in the picnic area. Budget rooms (dormitory type) are also available. This needs to be arranged with the local tourism office at +63 86 8536089.

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