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New Places to Visit in the Philippines in 2017 | Part 1 of 3

Boracay, Palawan, Baguio, Vigan & Cebu are just among the many landmarks of tourism in this island nation of more than 7,000 islands. But beyond these staple vacation spots, more new places to visit in the Philippines come to life year on year.


Yes, we have more to offer! Thanks to all sorts of developments & massive travel deals because many of our beautiful provinces have become accessible to everyone.

Be stunned by the new places to visit in the Philippines!

Many of these attractions have always been there but are not getting the attention because of accessibility issues or lacking promotions support. But some are entirely new & ready to put their names on the tourism map.

Here is the first batch of a 3-part series of the spots that will fill your wanderlusts in 2017!

Itbayat, Batanes


It’s the last inhabited island in the Philippines & closer to Taiwan than anywhere else in mainland Luzon. If you love outdoor adventures or just to experience how it is being warped in time, then Itbayat is surely for you.

Know more about Itbayat Island here.

Babuyan Islands, Cagayan


Photo courtesy of JuanderfulPinoy

Pristine white sand beaches, bucolic townscape & humpback whale sanctuaries are what this small ring of islands off the coast of Cagayan Valley offer.

Check out the wonderful guide of Juanderful Pinoy here.

Balbalasang National Park, Kalinga

new places to visit in the philippines

If there is any spot that tops the list of new places to visit in the Philippines, that would be Balbalasang National Park. It is hidden in the mountains of Kalinga amongst thick pine forests teeming with exotic birds, wild animals & rare flowers like the giant rafflesia.

Discover more about Balbalasang National Park here.

Mt. Kupapey, Mountain Province


Photo courtesy of Jon to the World

Chasing sunrises on mountaintops have quite become a fad these days. There’s Mt. Pulag, then Mt. Ulap that have drawn real climbers & bandwagon jumpers in quite an unimaginable scale. But if you drool for autumn colored trees & a bed of clouds, Mt. Kupapey in Maligcong, Bontoc fills those fancies.

Jon to the World’s first climb was there. Know more about it here.

Abra Province


Largely missed but has always been ready to be explored, Abra is a lovely province locked by the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre & the Cordilleras. Tourists hardly come by but if you get there, you’ll be rewarded with so many things wonderful.

Discover Abra here.

Romblon Province


Photo courtesy of Bella Travelista

Romblon may be famous for its smooth marbles but behind its hardness are the gentle allures of sunkissed beaches & endless green panorama. This small island province also keeps heritage buildings like Spanish-era churches & fortresses.

Bella Travelista has something to say here.

Antique Province


Photo courtesy of Detourista

There’s more to life in Panay than Boracay. Yes, there’s Antique that saddles many of the country’s offtrack gems. From beaches, rivers & springs to art, culture & food, this small province is just a caboodle of delights.

Take it from Detourista in his very comprehensive blog. Click now.

Dumaguete City

dumaguete boulevard

If the word quaint means charming, attractively unusual & beautifully old-fashioned, then Dumaguete is the place that best fits this description. It’s the playground of painters, writers & musicians. It is the homeland of gentle people.

Check out the chill-out vibe of Dumaguete here.

Cortes, Surigao del Sur


Photo credits Choose Philippines / Ida Damo

Have you ever seen an ocean waterfall? This unique attraction in Laswitan is one of the best new places to visit in the Philippines. Head south now to Surigao del Sur & experience something wonderful & thunderous, something rare & precious.

Ida Nanette Damo of Choose Philippines best describes it here.

Iligan City

tinago falls iligan

Nothing comes closer to fun waterfalling adventure than in Iligan City. Here, we are not talking about just one waterfall but more than what your fingers can count. And Iligan has the best lechon in the Philippines too!

Baktin Corporation captures it well here.

Stay tuned for more new places to visit in the Philippines as we discover one haven at a time.


Do you know of secrets spots or pretty places that are underrated? Share it with us on the comment box below & we will include it in our next batch of new places to visit in the Philippines.


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