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Sapang Dalaga | Into the Charm of Misamis Occidental

Chances are, Sapang Dalaga isn’t on any traveler’s bucketlist. But if you give this charming li’l town a chance, you’d be delighted to find some of the allures of Misamis Occidental.

sapang dalaga

Sapang Dalaga is a quiet coastal town in the northern part of Misamis Occidental. The placid waters of Casul Bay hems its shore while Mount Dasa & Pedoluan frames it on land. As the town thrives mainly on agri & aqua cultures, fresh vegetable & seafood meals are guaranteed gastronomic treats.

sapang dalaga misamis occidental

Top 5 Things to Do in Sapang Dalaga

A daytrip in Sapang Dalaga is all it takes to fill your wanderlust in this town. But it will surely pack your day with fun, from nature adventures to food finds. Here are the top 5 things to do for now. However, more exciting activities are in store soon as they continue to explore & get these destinations ready for us.


Caluya shrine

1. Dioyo River Cruise

Begin your day with a cruise along Dioyo River. This long winding trip takes you to a maze of lush mangroves, palms & fish cages. Enjoy the chill sail & the panorama of the mountains that surround it.

Fees: P1,300-1,600/boat depending on the size of touring party (negotiable)

sapang dalaga

2. Caluya Shrine Pilgrimage

One of the best landmarks in Sapang Dalaga is Caluya Shrine. Rising at 45 ft, the statue of Christ the Redeemer stands imposing atop a hill, 120 meters from sea level. It’s a masterpiece of Kublai, a homegrown sculptor from Mindanao.

sapang dalaga

The shrine is one of the important pilgrimage sites in Region 10. From this highland spot is 360-view of the twin bays of Casul & Murcielagos, Dioyo River & the nearby town of Baliangao. On a clear day, Mount Malindang is also in sight.

Fees: Free of Charge

misamis occidental

3. Floating Cottage Lunch

No trip to Sapang Dalaga is ever complete without experiencing lunch on board its floating cottage. Here, lunch means seafood fiesta! Feast on the freshest squid, fish, crabs, shells & lato seaweeds. For bookings & reservations, call 09382958093.

floating cottage sapang dalaga

sapang dalaga

4. Water Activities

Fun water activities such as swimming, kayaking as well as boating are available here too. And for a minimal fee, you can rent gears to enjoy all the activities.

sapang dalaga

5. Waterfalling

Sapang Dalaga is blessed with lots of waterfalls. Among the most visited is Sapang Dalaga Falls. It is a 60-foot cascade set in a verdant forest. Other interesting falls here are Mañalac, Bitibut, Dalumpinas, Simulay & Upper Guinabut.

sapang dalaga falls

Equally interesting to know that this small town is big on its campaign on environmental conservation. In fact, it’s easy to spot how spick & span their town is. Soon, Sapang Dalaga will wow us with more attractions such as farm tours & their IG-perfect Horseshoe Road.


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