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Siargao Island

My recent trip to Siargao was a journey of happy excesses—–of white sand beaches, verdant islands, fresh seafood, luxurious accommodations, parties, new friends & eye-candies!

The island truly captures the hang loose vibe that makes everyone who has come to Siargao so happily trapped. It is famous for surfing but there are more to it than just riding the waves.

Check out this short video clip about how Siargao Island pampers its beach pilgrims, wave crusaders & sun worshippers.


Special thanks to these people for making it all happen.


Larry & Feilani Rubin of Lux Siargao Boutique Resort.

Malijon Inn

Lee Carlos & Bianca Espinos of Galatea Island Cruises

Jane Arriola for lending me her camera (you saved me dohlink)

Caroline Zimba of Yoga with Caroline

Gai of Rambeau Ville

Ditta Sandico & Balu Tanedo

Paglaom Hostel

Dominique Francisco

Chef Freeman of Rock Island Sushi Bar

Kitya’s (a must-visit in the island)

Manman & Staff

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  • I’ve never been to Siargao yet. The thought of big and rough waves enroute to the island scares me. 🙁 i wish the water is as calm and behave as seen at the start of the video. very nice video, btw.

    • Potpot

      Hello Sunshinelene! That’s what I thought too. Luckily, the weather was really good the last time I traveled to Siargao. Just make sure though that you sail on a clear day. Please visit Siargao. So many things await you there.

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