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Northern Samar | Wonderful Roadside Surprises

My first trip in Northern Samar was nothing but a quick sweep of what meets the eye. I barely had a day to squeeze in a little leisure in my work-packed schedule. Surely, that put dusting off my weekend warrior skills to a challenge.

northern samar

I touched down in Catarman Airport & onward to Calbayog City. Getting to my destination is a 70-kilometer southward drive. With unimaginable potholes & never-ending highway repairs, speeding was just a wishful thinking.

However, I wasn’t up at arriving so soon in Calbayog. My plan was to check out what attractions are worth stopping for along the way. In between ass-pounding humps & the usual in-car standbys like chips & sing-alongs, Northern Samar did not disappoint me.

northern samar

Northern Samar: Slow Down Folks

Coffee is a non-negotiable first order of the day for me. And nothing beats getting it by the beach! Locals call it White Beach somewhere near the University of Eastern Philippines campus. The sand is actually cream but it chameleons to that white illusion when the sun’s brightest hit it.

Everything around here is spartan, seemingly giving a prelude to what quaintness awaits in the long road ahead.

white beach catarman northern samar

Next stop was real breakfast in Bobon. But this popular roadside chow spot called Yellowbell Fishing Resort & Restaurant was still closed when we arrived. Suddenly, gustatory heartbreak loomed somewhere. But I wasn’t ready to give up. Boy, time to powder up & work my charm for them to give in to our request. Then the next thing I knew, I was already feasting on fish, squid & mussels.

bobon northern samar

We were nowhere halfway yet when my friend said to stop-by Buenos Aires. My eyeballs instantly rolled at his epic fail joke. But he was serious. Indeed, in the town of Victoria there is a beach called Buenos Aires also popularly known as Spice Beach. Okay, Victoria Beckham, Spice Girls. What else is here, Northern Samar?

This beach impressed me a lot. The sand is surprisingly downy, blinding white & clean for a roadside beach. And just like Argentine tango, Buenos Aires beach is truly intense & seductive.

spice beach victoria samar

Stop, Look & Dip

I was still wet when we got to the next pit stop in Veriato. It’s a small roadside waterfall named after its town. The water is cold & its clean lagoon is perfect for an afternoon cool down. This one’s for you if you do not mind buses & tricycles passing by while you bask on your skimpy bikini.

veriato falls samar

It wasn’t long ’til I realised that a day is never enough to see even its roadside attractions. Northern Samar is as scenic as you can get. Bask on eye-popping hues of the sea, rustic townscapes & simple finds like bakeries selling old-school breads. It’s very laid back but charming.

northern samar

Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of supersized stops here. Next time you drive by this area, don’t just roll down those car windows. Instead, pull over & savour the joys of these roadside surprises.


Fun Tip
Don’t forget to drop by Malajog Ridge & Zipline
just before you enter Calabayog City


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