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Carcar : Cebu’s Southroad Star

The Carcar Kiosk at the heart of the City
If there are more good reasons to visit Carcar beyond its famous lechon, it would be to marvel at its heritage buildings reminiscent of colonial Philippines. Apart from Vigan in Ilocos and Taal in Batangas, Carcar in the Province of Cebu is one of the heritage cities with surviving traces of its protectorate past.
Colonial houses in Carcar.
Carcar is laid out as a crossroad to other parts of Cebu. In its imposing plaza meets both southeast and southwest travelers. Being just 40 kilometers away from metropolitan Cebu, this small city is a quick escape into Hispanic and pre-war architectural souvenirs.
The church of Sta. Catalina de Alejandria
The old dispensary now Carcar Museum
Government Office
In a classic Spanish settlement, the church is always laid out at the heart of the town and everything else is built around it. In Carcar, just like how it was in the past, everything grows out from the 1859 church of Santa Catalina de Alejandria. It is built in Byzantine architecture and stands grand on a hill surrounded by the old dispensary now utilized as museum, schools and the government building. Further down the main road are the heritage houses boasting of intricate lattice works, awnings, and handcrafted iron barandillas.

Much for its pride in keeping colonial legacies, Carcar is also the favorite source of the ever-succulent lechon and crunchy ampaw. Being the famous stopover in the south road, this culinary find is no wonder most sought about by so many yummyeologists!


So whenever traveling to the Queen City of the South, take a quick tour of Carcar and be filled with sampling of great history and good food.

The most convenient way to get to Carcar City is to take the V-Hires from the southbound Citylink Terminal. This is located in downtown area, near Elizabeth Mall.
If you are driving in Cebu, the easiest route is the South Road Project (SRP). Just passed the City of Talisay are clear signages to Carcar.

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