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Waterfalling in Iligan | Mimbalut

Perhaps every Iliganon has a piece of story about Mimbalut Waterfall. Its cascading waters have been a witness to so many moments of celebrations, those clandestine jiffies, of love accepted and promises broken. We grew up with Mimbalut Falls and for as long as its water remains to stream, it will forever continue to carry the stories, yours and mine.

Tucked about 600 meters from the national highway in Barangay Buru-un, Mimbalut is the most accessible waterfall in Iligan City. Its mountain water cascades into tiers of rocks and falls into several layers of cold wading basins.
Wayback in the early 90s, Mimbalut was one of our naughty skip-school hangouts. Being at elbows reach, we would just hop on a jeepney and set-up an instant picnic by the waterfall. Over Tanduay rhum, cigarettes, lunch leftover and Timbura (garlic corn bits), every escape to Mimbalut was a joyful one.
After about 20 years, I went back with some of my high school friends to experience the publicized transformations it has undergone over the years. A delightful development welcomed us in the new Mimbalut. Guests are already provided with convenient facilities such as sunken picnic tables, cottages and a restaurant. For those who wish to have a leveled up experience, ziplining and wall climbing are also available. They even set-up a canopied love chair halfway through the waterfall for that Facebook-perfect selfie.
That huge tree where my name was carved may have rotten in time but it is forever etched in my memory. Those rocks where we used to jump from may have rolled somewhere downstream but the stories continue for as long as we live. Those makeshift bridges and handrails that secured us in our drunken crossings may have been gone but the laughter flows on even with the passage of time.
So what’s your story?
  • From downtown Iligan, take the jeepney bound for Buru-un or Linamon.
  • Drop-off at the Iligan City Fisheries School.
  • Walk further inland. Just follow the main road. It will lead you to the waterfall.
  • If you are driving, a wide parking space is available just at the entrance of the water park.

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