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Bohol is pretty —- unspoiled beaches, exciting sights & marvelous heritage architectures. Hailed as one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines, truly this island province is a paradise.

But behind its beauty & wonders are serious ecological problems that threaten Bohol’s survival.

Underneath its turquoise water are marine species illegally poached. The sparkling white sand coasts are getting narrower because of disobeyed easement rules. Those once lush mangroves are horribly getting thinner. And its forests are becoming denuded.

All these are seemingly unknown to the millions of tourists because its what meets the eye that matters. But even if we see it, most of us care only about our momentary joy while we are on vacation time. We don’t live in Bohol, anyway.

Environmental preservation & protection is everybody’s business. Not just for the Boholanos, but for everyone who comes & bask on its glorious nature.

It’s high time that we all become responsible tourists. Let’s help Bohol keep its luster by taking part in activities that promote sustainable tourism. After all, it’s our planet & no one would take care of it but us.


The Province of Bohol, along its allied agencies like the Department of Tourism is offering exciting tourism products that are anchored on its eco-tourism thrusts. Such activities include tree planting, mangrove adventure tours & organic farm tours.

In my recent journey to the island with the members of the Tourism Promotions Board & the Department of Tourism, we planted trees at the Bohol Biodiversity Complex. Located in Bilar, this 1.2-hectare rainforest is the cradle of greening back Bohol.


But did you know that Bohol’s soil is not suited for all types of trees?

The island’s unique geological formation makes its soil unfit for growing “alien” trees. It is the reason why only endemic or native species are replanted all around the province.

Have you noticed why its mahogany-filled man made forest in Bilar very eerie? Because mahogany is not endemic to Bohol & no organisms could thrive around it like birds & other plants. It may just look as a perfect background to your selfies but it is actually a dead forest.


At the Bohol Biodiversity Complex, guests are given lectures on its biodiversity campaigns. Its volunteers also organize tours around the nurseries, campsites & gardens. It’s not just tree planting but a full legacy experience of sustaining Bohol’s healthy ecosystem.

What makes this eco-tour unique is that each seedling that you plant is labeled under your name, in perpetuity. And everytime you visit Bohol, you can always check on its growth & the legacy you leave to the next generation.


Now, isn’t that an awesome thing to do?

Let us all take our journeys beyond sightseeing, basking on its beaches & partying in Alona. And don’t let tree planting just be an option, make it a real activity to do when you visit the island.

As Bohol recovers from that fateful earthquake of 2013, let us join them in bringing back a stronger island—a destination that will surely shake the world, teeming with rich greens & abundant blues.


Bohol Biodiversity Complex
Roxas, Bilar, Bohol
+63 38 535 9315



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