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Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro City

Don’t leave your fantasies of flying only to your dreams because you can do it wide-awake by paragliding in Cagayan de Oro City! And through tandem flights with top-brass paragliders, you don’t even have to worry about committing to trainings or needing prior flying experience.

paragliding in cagayan de oro

Flying has always been in my dream. Flapping my wings & gliding through the air. Boundless. Carefree. Superhuman. But only to wake up still in my bed with my ass snoozing from a groggy flight.

One day, I finally woke up to an invitation to fly, this time, not in my dream but for real over Cagayan de Oro City.

paragliding cdo

Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro City: Flights of Fancy

Paragliding in Mindanao had always been in Sarangani. But not long ago, it finally embraced its last sinking air after years of fun flights. This surely was sad news for many. However, it quickly gained its rising air in a new playground atop Amaya Views at Indahag Hills in Cagayan de Oro City.

paragliding cagayan de oro

I have to admit that I became a bit nervous when the harnesses were strapped all around me. Suddenly, all the fears of crashing down to the forest or plunging deep in the sea flashed in my mind. Will I scream at launch? Will I pass out?

paragliding cagayan de oro

As the hooks were latched on to my pilot, my imaginations flew out thinking what if those cords snap or tangle? Even the silly thoughts of birds attacking us on air did not escape my ridiculous anxiety. I could feel the thrill but I couldn’t also decide if it’s suicide.


“Run!” Shouts my pilot.

Even before I could finish the movie in my mind, we sped through the edge of the overhang high above the ground. I screamed. My fats quivered. Then the next thing I knew I was gliding up in the air — happy, carefree & all the superhumanly feel!

paragliding philippines

Up, Up & Away!

Just when I thought that paragliding is a daredevil act, it actually isn’t. Everything I had in my mind were wrong. It’s actually a feel-good experience that can be done by all ages, even all body types. Especially in tandem flights, all you need to do is to be a happy passenger & let your pilot do the work. Just imagine hitching on a mammoth kite.


Trusting your pilot is the most important thing in keeping you calm & comfortable. Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro is manned by pro paragliders from the Northern Mindanao Paragliding Club. And they’re among the most awesome guys behind the country’s paragliding camps in Sarangani, Ilocos Sur & Cavite.

They have also competed in various paragliding expositions around the world. So just chill because these aerial athletes know the science of human flight all too well.

paragliding cdo

Don’t Panic, It’s Fantastic

Pre-flight fears are common especially when you run for the lift-off. But the wind picks you up so quickly that you almost miss the transition. As soon as you’re airborne, the feeling can be so ecstatic that you don’t want it to end.

It’s as comfortable as sitting on a lounge chair — just floating. You surely feel the breeze in your face & the butterfly in your stomach. But oh boy, with CDO’s stunning view from above, Icarus’ story easily passes up as a Greek myth indeed.

paragliding cagayan de oro

I love flying. Be it on airplanes, choppers or anything that brings me to a float in the air is my kind of high. Skydiving is on my bucketlist too. But for now, the thrill of paragliding is too awesome that doing it once is never enough.

So next time you feel like sleuthing a la James Bond or one of Charlie’s Angels, come down to Cagayan de Oro City & fulfill those desires to take wing. Because here, the sky’s certainly not the limit!

And oh by the way, did the Charlie’s Angels fly on these kites? I don’t know.


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Note that paragliding is a weather-dependent activity.
It is best to coordinate with the tour operator before booking.

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