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Santa Magdalena | Sorsogon’s Hidden Beach Overload

santa magdalena sorsogon

Did you know that Sorsogon has been coddling beautiful beaches tucked in a small coastal town called Santa Magdalena? Yes beach lovers, they’ve been keeping this lil secret all this time & OMG, not just 1, but, 2, 3, 4 & as many as you can count.

And the best part is—–some of its gorgeous & surprisingly untouched beachlines are free to the public.

Discover Santa Magdalena

santa magdalena sorsogon

Santa Magdalena is the smallest town in Sorsogon both in size & population. It is bounded by Bulusan, Matnog & Irosin. In the past, it was called “Busaingan” or “water breakers”, a name that implies what adventures await you in this lovely town.

I have to admit that I never heard of it before. I know the pink sand beaches in Matnog, the surfing in Gubat, the hotsprings in Irosin, the volcano in Bulusan & the whalesharks in Donsol. But Santa Magdalena (enter crickets chirping)?

santa magdalena

I only knew about it a few months back during my roadtrip around Bicol. When I got to Sorsogon, I met a lovely local who happens to be a staunch promoter of the province’s emerging tourism destinations. She gave me an insider tip to check out Santa Magdalena’s beaches.

I was hesitant at first because it was quite out of the way. Imagine another 15-kilometer winding drive inward to reach a small coastal town when I could just drive straight to a more popular spot like Matnog.

santa magdalena sorsogon

But who can say no to another beach day invitation? So I did & I never regretted going on a detour because I found a new place of what could potentially be the next best beach destination in Sorsogon.

Beach, please!

santa magdalena sorsogon

Not all coastal towns are like Santa Magdalena where swimmable beaches are all around. Let’s just say, it’s beach overload!

Here, you can step out from the plaza or the church & run to the sea. If you fancy sipping coconut juice while your toes flirt with the murmuring waves, this place is gonna whip it all up for you.

santa magdalena

Take the Balading-Bigo stretch along Barangay San Sebastian for example. This long road is lined by powdery white sand shoreline all for your indulgence. On the other side is Alig-igan Beach & Sohoton Rock Formation where cream sand oceanfront fun & rock wall adventures await.

Looking at it from the tip of town, it looked like all tropical gorgeousness all coming at you at once. Azure sky, turquoise water & pockets of beachlines punctuated by lush greens.

santa magdalena

There are quite a lot of locally-owned resorts here too. And by resorts I mean affordable, modest & quiet beachfront cabanas like Pamana, Suki & Marahlee.

If you like the short trek + tidal pool + back-flips from a rock adventure combo, take Liang Beach. And then there’s Talaonga and many other beachy goodness!

How come no one’s talking about it?

santa magdalena sorsogon

The beaches of Santa Magdalena have always been there. But because it doesn’t have all those fancy amenities & its location isn’t as easy as its crowd-pleasing neighbors, it remained popular only to locals.

This town is so ready for the taking—-pristine blue waters, velvety-soft shores, charming town, gentle people & delicious seafood. Forget about what traveling to posh beach spots is all about because all around Santa Magdalena is still pretty the same—–so unhurried, so rustic, so chill.

C’mon, let’s spill the secrets of Santa Magdalena!



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  • Avi

    Just found your website now through Rappler, when I was seraching for Palawan getaways. I must say, this website is truly a gem. For some reason your words sends emotions to your readers of how much love there is with what you do. I slaute you and truly admire your work and talent in writing!

    Hope to meet you one of this days..

  • Miss Rhei

    Thank you so much for the very good post about our town… 🙂 I’m glad you like it there.

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