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Prieto Diaz | Sorsogon’s Eco-Community Model

If there is one thing that the Philippines must learn from a small town in Sorsogon called Prieto Diaz, that would be ecological resource management.

Sure, only a few may have heard of this town but behind its invisibility is a community that truly cares for nature & its bounties.

prieto diaz

Prieto Diaz is a model community for ecological protection, conservation & sustainable resource management in Bicol. Through Seamancor Eco-Developers Inc, a people organization of sea farmers, the town’s marine resources are kept healthy & abundant.

Seamacor stands for seagrass, mangrove, corals—and these are what they are so proud about. These coastal properties are under their stewardship for 25 years awarded to them by the DENR.

Philippines, meet Prieto Diaz

prieto diaz

Prieto Diaz is a 5th class municipality in Sorsogon. It is about 20 kilometers away from the capital Sorsogon City & the easternmost point of Luzon. Bound by Albay Gulf & the Pacific Ocean, one can only imagine how pretty is its seascape like.

Unlike Donsol’s frenzied tourism, theirs are still something shrouded in secrets. It is beautifully different & hugs you in a castaway ambience. Life here is unhurried but with all its prettiness, you’ll feel time is too short to explore everything.

Halabang Lapis Sandbar

halabang lapis sandbar

If Camiguin has White Island & Bais has Manjuyod, Prieto Diaz has Halabang Lapis. This sandbar stretches to about 800 meters of sparkling white sand shaped like a long pencil.

Whether you come on high tide or low tide, this tiny spot on the fringes of Pacific Ocean is surely a lovely place for beach bumming.

Mangrove Cruise

prieto diaz

While the rest of the country constantly battles inundations caused by typhoons, Prieto Diaz sits safe & flood-free. It is sheltered by 1,035 hectares of mangrove forest that creates their first line of defense.

The cruise takes you to a maze of mangroves teeming with all sorts of life—from fishes & crabs to birds & fireflies. It is a serene paddle over a sweeping bed of seagrass & tree tunnels.

Mangrove Planting

prieto diaz

The town’s tourism agenda is anchored on sustainable ecotourism. Here, tourists are encouraged to help in planting mangroves along its banks during the tour.

Isn’t it lovely to think that you are able to help the community while having fun at the same time?

Organic Farming

prieto diaz

Many farms in Prieto Diaz practice organic farming where they raise free-range cattles, fowls & pigs. Fed only with pesticide-free fruits & forage grasses, these animals are cleaner & healthier to consume.

Espena Eco Farm is one of the prime movers of organic farming in town. They also harvest & process honey from local bees, make oil from pili pulp & santan.

Livelihood from the Sea

prieto diaz

Aside from abundant fishing, they also harvest seaweeds & process it into noodles. Manufactured by members of Gawad Kalinga Tarabang Village Association, they produce local noodles that are cheap yet nutritious.

It is a community livelihood supported by the Department of Trade & Industry, the Department of Labor & Employment & Gawad Kalinga.

Prieto Diaz also produces vacuum-packed danggit & other delicious dried fish.


For ecotours in Prieto Diaz, make arrangements at the Municipal Office.



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