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Paguriran Island | Bacon, Sorsogon

It’s charming but tucked so far away from it all. It’s free but you got to be there at the right time. It’s not the prettiest lagoon but still you’ll be missing something wonderful if you don’t go. This is Paguriran Island in Sorsogon.

paguriran island

One of the best things about spontaneous travel is the chance to tumble upon unexpectedly beautiful spots. And Paguriran Island is one of those finds when I did a roadtrip around Bicolandia sometime ago.

I really didn’t have a cast-in-stone itinerary in Sorsogon. Save for the pink sand beach in Matnog & surfing in Gubat, everything else was all about impulsive jibes. Much like how uninitiated I was about Paguriran Island, I just let Sorsogon take me by surprise.

paguriran island

I just pulled over at a gas station for a bladder break when I got this single shot at touristy tips from the gas boys about interesting places nearby. Suggestions fired up after another—-beaches, churches & farms. Then Paguriran.

Checking Google Map, 23 kilometers isn’t just a few cartwheels away. I chickened out. It hovered on my mind for a while then I checked blogs. Damn, Celineism & Jon to the World sparked my interest. I reved up & snaked through the narrow coastal road up north munching pili nuts that La Edley’s in Legazpi gave me.

Aha, Paguriran Island!

paguriran island

Paguriran Island is in the northern part of Bacon (read as /’bakon/ & not that badass pig that gives us our morning jam) is a district of Sorsogon City. It is actually just a rock islet off the mainland connected by a sandbar.

There are a few jump-off points to the island but the most popular one is that nipa hut-strewn beachline marked by colorful flags on the sidestreet of Barangay Sawanga. If you miss the flags, just follow your ears to where the beltings from a karaoke are coming from & you’re already somewhere there.

paguriran island

I arrived at super low tide that was both good & bad. Good because I could cross to the island by foot on the milky sandbar. Bad because there’s not much water inside the lagoon, changing swimming into just wallowing.

What creates the drama in Paguriran Island is the limestone karst wall that encloses the sparkling teal water fed by Albay Gulf. At high tide, this gets filled like a tank through a cathedral-like opening. Unless you charter a boat & willing to lose that pretty chance to walk on the sandbar, crossing back to mainland isn’t a problem.

paguriran island 5

I was probably the only one inside the lagoon who didn’t get the top shot. You see, everyone here slices his balls through the razor-sharp rocks just to get the best vantage point. But I just couldn’t because I was scared to scale them alone.

paguriran island

My clock was ticking & I was already desperate to get a decent photo. Then, I chanced upon this vacationing couple from Naga who gladly posed for me. After a few takes, the water was starting to rise. Short people would understand what deep means so it was time to go.

Again, Paguriran Island isn’t the prettiest lagoon. But it’ll be worth the visit whenever you are in Sorsogon.


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