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Infinity Farm | Baco, Oriental Mindoro

infinity farm

INFINITY FARM, announced our guide. In 1-2-3, my eyeballs compulsively rolled of what was ahead of the road. It could probably be a place adorned with all the sickly sweetness promise of forever, of boundless love & eternity. Yaiks!

I got wary, I admit. Not doing my research was another thing. All I knew was after a long bumpy ride in the middle of a vast ricefield, a lovely farm with a brook was supposed to be waiting for us.

Baco in Oriental Mindoro keeps a cold spot called Infinity Farm.

infinity farm

After bouts of dust that clouded my usual word antics for abstract ideas, I was aghast with excesses of beauty around me. No, there was no farm of cattle or vegetable. No heart or cupid cutouts.

But there was infinity, or so. Hallelujah!

Tucked on the foothills of Oriental Mindoro’s Mt. Halcon is Mangangan River. It is hidden in a thick foliage of wild plants & canopied by lush leaves from billowing trees and bamboos. Its sparkling water riots through the huge boulders that punctuate its craggy riverbed and flows downstream—-to infinity.

One by one we disappeared into the woods finding our own space of theater. Some felt like fantasy fairies prancing in the wilderness & others like kids wallowing on the icy water. I found mine too, by the thick bamboo poles, snoozing to the rhythm of the cascades.

infinity farm

Infinity Farm is a picnic place replete with well-paved boardwalks, riverside cottages, grill stations and clean restrooms. It is privately operated & requires P100 entrance fee per person to use its facility. If you prefer a quiet spot, take an easy walk upstream where you’ll find pretty gazebos swaddled in bushes, rocks & swaying bamboos.

This picnic spot in Baco is gaining popularity despite the challenge in accessibility. Right now, it can only be reached by private vehicles. Alternatively, tricycles can be hired in the main town to bring you there.

Oriental Mindoro is not all about the beaches of Puerto Galera. If you push 2 hours more down south, Baco is a beautiful daytrip on a winding drive along the coast of Verde Island Passage. But coming in from Calapan, the province’s capital town, Baco is just a short 40-minute drive.

infinity farm

Infinity Farm can get crowded on weekends & holidays. There are no stores in the area, so bring your own provisions. Expect a long queue in the restrooms if you come on peak seasons. And in the hot summer days when mountain streams aren’t that strong, you might not be able to experience the popular “sunken picnic” where gushing water floods the floor in the dining area.

These are the little realities you need to prepare for when you come to Infinity Farm during high season. But don’t let it dampen your excitement because the place is so vast. All you need is to find your perfect spot & make a moment.

infinity farm

Okay, neither I found infinity nor the farm but one thing’s for sure I had a great time in Infinity Farm. “Time to go home”, shouts our guide. In 1-2-3, my eyeballs rolled & my eyelashes curled. “I’m not yet done mermaiding, dohlink!”



Alright, sometimes words & pictures don’t really kick it in well—-let’s try it with a short video. Hit it!



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