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Naga City | Exploring Naga with Camsur Viaje & Tours

Just by the mention of the place Naga City, 3 things instantly come to one’s mind: the Our Lady of Penafrancia, the gata-heavy cuisine & wakeboarding.

Well, it’s true. But those truths probably lack some kicks because certainly there’s more to this city than the usual.

naga city

When I moved to Naga City in 2010, I never hurried to see all its sights. Save for some churches & restaurants, I kept everything else at bay thinking that they won’t run away anyway.

I stayed quite long but I spent most of my time exploring the islands & left the citysides unnoticed. Until I was moved back to Manila when I realized that I would never have the chance to see them all anymore. Shame.

naga city

Finally after about 5 years, I was back in Naga City & promised myself to experience everything as much as I could. While I’m used to traveling DIY, this time I had everything arranged by Camsur Viaje & Tours so I can relax & enjoy the sights.

Explore Naga City, the bombdiggity way!

Thankfully I had a wonderful sleep at The Carmen the night before my city tour because I was promised a day packed with adventure.

malabsay falls

On top of the list was Malabsay Falls tucked in a densely forested ecopark in Barangay Panicuason. It used to be unreachable in the past because there were no access roads. Today, getting there only takes about 20 minutes from downtown by car, passing through the city’s hardly seen panorama.

From the cold cascades & diwata-ish feel of Malabsay, we moved to Panicuason Hot Spring Resort & Nature Adventure Park. At first impressions, you’d think it’s just on the other side of Mt. Isarog. But it is actually way hidden than I thought.

panicuason hot spring

Hot springs are my kind of cool spots because I just like to wallow, enjoy the steam & get a detox. Most people come here for picnics, ride the zipline & do the Tarzan swing. I opted to just tuck myself away from the action & chilled on searing nothingness.

Then there’s Nabuntulan Falls that required a tougher trek. This time I was torn between shedding my fats or feasting on Crispy Pata at Bob Marlin. The decision wasn’t difficult at all. Burp!

After that greasy food coma, we crossed to Travel Café PH for that daily caffeine fix. You don’t believe that I just got coffee, do you?


Just before the rain spoiled the day, we made it to Haciendas de Naga. This expansive resort is popular for its wave pool. But they also have a horse ranch, a campsite, a fishing lagoon & an ATV race track.

I wanted to try their slow tour on a horse carriage but the sky was already ominous. We just spent the rest of the day hopping from one café to the next—-like there’s no tomorrow.

our lady of penafrancia

I had an overload of churches the next day. After all, Naga City is called the Pilgrim City of the Philippines.

It was such a nice feeling to have revisited some the heritage churches of Camsur. And indeed it was also a moving experience to stay still & pay homage to Ina, the miraculous Lady of Penafrancia.

naga city

My holiday in Naga City was short but sweet. Gladly, I made the right thing to go on a private tour with Camsur Viaje because they made it all so smooth & fun-filled.

Dios Mabalos, Naga City!



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