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Ibiza Beach Club : Cebu’s Happening Beach Bar


I swore not to drink again, but when I got myself into Mövenpick Hotel’s Ibiza Beach Club, I was a complete failure! It is the most sensational and fashionable Mediterranean beach bar I have ever been to in the country. In this side of Cebu and for its category, Ibiza is the hardest to match.


Inspired by Spain’s Ibiza, one of the world’s swanky party islands, it delights its guests with luxe ambience and signature cocktails. Wafting between the tides and the wild blue yonder, its clean and chic white finish makes it a real standout. It is decked with designer loungers, low-slung sofas and a hot whirlpool. Suspended net fringes define its sexy edge, perfect for stargazing on the wide Visayas welkin.


Swig and swag, stir or cheer, Ibiza is just an exospheric experience! As hardcore gulpers put it, “1 is all right, 2 are too many and 3 are not enough”. Shot after shot, pop after pop, fizzing just for one is non-existent.


Obviously, I was not born to techno music. But its thumping rhythm and sprightly lights were just too hard to resist. I was murderously envious with the adorable abs parading around. In this hotspot, shirts are optional.


To complete that recognition in becoming the country’s hotbed of posh beach revelries, Ibiza Beach Club offers a kosher Brazilian Churrascaria and Mediterranean tapas. I sampled its exquisite wine, Manny O’s Sumiller and it was just fantastically romancing between rich taste and complex texture.


There’s really no hard formula in what qualifies as a beach bar. Anyone can make a cache of beers on the sand, put on his sunnies, gyrate to pulsating island beats and call it a beach bar. But Ibiza Beach Club brings a differently wonderful experience. It tempers the soul just by watching the waves roll under the sun in a sleek yet refreshing lashings of white braggadocios while you savor your most deserved afternoon cocktail.
I had a great time and I call it, my surrender.

Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

Punta Engano, Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines 6015
+63 2 32 4927777

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