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Seco Island | Tibiao, Antique

Perhaps there’ no island left unmapped in the entire Philippine archipelago anymore. But for sure there are still thousands more left uninhabited or sparsely populated. One of these treasures is Seco Island in the Province of Antique.

seco island

Seco Island isn’t a secret getaway. However, because it’s too far & there are no regular tours to this island make it so coveted by many beach lovers. Only a few have been here yet. And those who have visited it say one thing — it’s wonderfully isolated!

seco island

Why Seco Island must be on top of your 2020 bucketlist

The reason is simple — get there now before everyone else does! What everyone seeks in Seco is the feeling of owning the island to yourself. If being marooned in an island tickles your fantasies, this one’s truly a perfect hideaway.

seco island

Seco Island is another stunning entry in the country’s long list of beautiful islands. It highlights more than a kilometer stretch of velvety white sand beach fringing a medley of turquoise water.

seco island

The island hosts only a transit population of fisherfolks resting for a few hours or to shelter them from sudden changes in weather. No one lives here except for the rangers who keep it safe from illegal marine activities.

seco island

Save for makeshift huts, there are no cottages on the island. There’s neither running water nor electricity too. All these nothingness make Seco Island anyone’s castaway fantasies come to life.


How to get there?

Seco Island is not easy to reach. It takes about 3 hours to get there from the mainland. All tourists also need to secure a permit from the Municipal Office of Tibiao.

seco island

There are no tour boats that sail to the island. But you can negotiate for fishing bancas to take you there. Tibiao only offers small outrigger boats that can sit 2-3 passengers. If you come with a bigger party, then take the larger boats in Culasi. Rentals begin at P3,000.

seco island antique

The waves are more often than not unforgiving, especially the return trip back to the mainland. It is best to travel there during summer when the sea is usually calmer than the rest of the year.

What’s the best way to experience Seco Island?

Honestly, there’s really no better way to experience it all than by booking through Katahum Tours. It is the same company that operates the famous kawa bath & Tibiao river tubing up in Calawag Mountain Resort.


For special tours like Seco Island, you have to trust a local company to prepare it for you. Not only it is convenient, but also important that locals do it because they know the travel conditions more than anyone else.

Contact them here:

Mobile Phone: 09475316518 / 09174503121
Facebook: Katahum Tours

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