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Top 19 Destinations in the Philippines to Revisit After Covid-19

We know we can’t travel yet as we are all on strict community quarantine. But that doesn’t stop us from building inspirations to fulfill our travel goals when better days come. So we thought of putting together the top 19 destinations in the Philippines to visit again when the havoc of Covid-19 is finally over.

top 19 destinations in the philippines

If you’re bored at home or wistful that you could be surfing or camping now instead of TikToking, so are we. And if you’re missing the beach or the mountains, you’re not alone. Yes, we can’t do these now yet. But we can do armchair travels at the moment & imagine which places to tick off when we are ready to jump on our suitcases again.

top 19 destinations in the philippines

Top 19 Destinations in the Philippines: See You After the Quarantine

Our top 19 destinations in the Philippines list is our love picks based on the many things we can do in one go. Don’t forget to click on the highlighted links to know more about each destination.

Let’s get rock and rollin’ with these awesome places to visit after Covid-19!

  1. Batanes


First on our list is Batanes — famed for its breathtaking landscapes, unique townships & honest locals. It may be not be a budget travel destination but the experience of being on the northernmost province in the Philippines is all truly worth it.

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  1. Ilocos Norte

ilocos norte

Second is Ilocos Norte! Yes, this place is as awesome as you can imagine. They have beaches, sand dunes, heritage buildings, exciting cuisine & many more. No exaj, this one’s got it all!

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  1. Cordillera


Third on our list of the top 19 destinations in the Philippines to revisit is the beautiful Cordillera. Go forest bathing in Sagada, savour the good food & mountain breeze of Baguio & pick strawberries in Benguet. Or discover new hiking trails in Ifugao or dig into traditional Kalinga food.

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  1. Cagayan


Pancit Batil-Patong, Callao Cave, Palaui Island are just among the many things famous about Cagayan Province. To add, it’s also home to few heritage churches, the miraculous Our Lady of Piat & real-deal beaches in Sta. Ana.

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  1. Aurora

aurora province

Next is the alluring Aurora! Come for fun surfing, food tripping, waterfalling & beach bummin. Got plenty of time? They got more in store for you. Come up & be part of the fun….soon!

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  1. Pampanga

angeles city pampanga

Certainly, there’s more to Pampanga than just being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. It’s also about heritage walks, soothing nature trails & other fun adventures.

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  1. Zambales


There’s so much to love about Zambales. Fantastic beaches, surf spots, some good old houses, an art hub in San Antonio and yes, sweet mangoes! However, if you’d like to make a trip that makes a difference, check out Subic Adventure Trail.

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  1. Palawan

el nido Palawan

Yes, Palawan is a treat for beachbums. In fact, beaches are in a fabulous excess! Try exploring the southern part like Balabac or go on a wellness retreat in Puerto Princesa. Come because fun never stops in Palawan.

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  1. Bicol

mayon volcano

While Mayon Volcano is the biggest attraction in the Bicolandia, it is also popular for coco-based & chili-sprinkled culinary treats. Check out their waterfalls, age-old churches, wakeboarding & island-hopping adventure too! Be cool in Bicol!

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  1. Cebu


Truly, Cebu is a wanderland! From north to south, this province is every square kilometer a paradise. White sand beaches, exciting mountain trails, really good food, deep art, history & culture. Plus, it has all the conveniences of a metropolis that connect the island to rest of the country & the world.

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  1. Antique


Our list of the top 19 destinations in the Philippines to revisit after Covid-19 is never complete without Antique. This side of Panay is home to many eco-adventures. Give in to island getaways, highland escapes, sustainable living & dining, sustainable living & dining

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  1. Iloilo


For many good reasons, Iloilo is one of the most admired provinces in the country. One, it is clean & green. Two, it blends the charm of old-world grandeur & modern-day living. Lastly, it takes pride in its diverse sustainable tourism adventures.

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  1. Leyte


Leyte is always a darling destination. Graceful beaches, pretty islands, exciting adventures packed in an awesome rural vibe. Here, everything’s chill but it offers getaways that won’t make you stay still.

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  1. Bohol


Of course, Bohol is on our list of 19 destinations in the Philippines you need to visit because it is a paradise! This small island packs an adventure for every traveler — from luxurious getaways to budget escapes & from the extravagant to the ordinary —they got it.

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  1. Negros Oriental

negros oriental

Think of long white sand bar. Fancy swimming with sea turtles. Imagine letting time pass by over hot native chocolate & suman. Build castles in the air. Just come to Negros Oriental.

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  1. Camiguin


From highlands to islands; over land, underwater & up in the air — Camiguin is the ultimate getaway in this side of Mindanao. And if you miss that charming island vibe, where life is simple & unhurried, this one’s worth coming back to again and again. Oh, Camiguin!

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  1. Misamis Oriental

misamis oriental

Indeed, Misamis Oriental kicks the thrill in when you’re up for some adrenaline adventures. Go paragliding, white water rafting, scuba diving, trekking & whole lot more! Or if food trippin’ catches your fancy, this province is ready to fill your tummy.

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  1. Zamboanga Peninsula

zamboanga peninsula

Journey into the wonderful world of exciting culinary treasures, exquisite arts & crafts as well as heritage gems from the colonial to the traditional. Experience Zamboanga Peninsula & indulge on the wealth of sweet escapes.

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  1. Davao


Lastly, Davao makes it to our top 19 destinations to visit in the Philippines after Covid-19 because this huge mass of land is any tourist’s wanderland. Food, islands, beaches — they have it. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers — they have it. Shopping, chillin’, camping — yes, they have it.

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