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Mt. Samat – Of Valor & Heroism











Set on the summit of this 564-meter Mt. Samat in Pilar, Bataan is the Shrine of Valor. It is a memorial built for the Filipino heroes of World War II. Respectfully, I must say they are the defenders of our nation who died in the never forgotten Battle of Bataan & the Death March.

The year 1942 was a painful part of our history. The Japanese captured thousands of Filipino & American soldiers who surrendered our land & our sovereignty. But it was the humiliating loss of Filipino pride that hurt them the most. For more than a hundred kilometers, our grandfathers marched from Bataan to Tarlac, famined & eventually mercilessly killed. Our surviving war veterans have lived to tell the tale of the pain of World War II.







The Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan was built in 1966 high atop the mountain that overlooks Bataan & nearby provinces. At the base of the Shrine is a colonnade where masses are celebrated. Inscribed on its walls are the stories of battle & surrender, of valor & heroism. Below it is a winding staircase that leads tourists to an underground museum full of war memorabilia. On the summit is the 92-meter Memorial Cross ornated from base to about 11 meters bas-relief sculptures depicting the various battles in the Philippines.









This Shrine does not only honor the dead heroes & the living veterans but also to teach the current generation & those to come how much they suffered for us to enjoy the freedom that we have today.


Getting There

  • By Bus – Take the dependable Bataan Transit or Genesis Bus Line from Pasay or Avenida Stations. Drop at Pilar, Bataan Junction. Hire a trike at P200 (look for Jared, very honest & friendly driver) to take you to the Shrine.
  • By Private Vehicle – From Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway & exit at San Fernando, Pampanga. Follow the southwest directions to Olongapo. At Layak Junction, turn left to take you all the way to Bataan, passing through the towns of Orani, Abucay & Balanga. Straight ahead, turn right at the junction of Ala-uli in Pilar. About 5 kilometers ahead, turn left to winding uphill road to the Shrine.

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