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Celebrate Summer in the Philippines


The Philippines is more than just a cluster of islands floating on the Pacific. It is THE DESTINATION when you mean wonderful tropical holiday — great sights, good food, interesting culture & happy people. As we welcome the summer season, the entire nation celebrates 2 months of awesome sunshine, fiestas & non-stop outdoor activities.

it's more fun in the philippines

There’s so much love in the Philippines!

Choose your island paradises that are laden with blinding white sands. Go wild on hot beach parties & sports events. Bring your adventures to the extreme through waterfalling, spelunking, rafting or surfing. There couldn’t be any perfect time of the year to catch the rice stalks all sprout in green on the rice terraces in the north than in summer. Experience the myriad of happy faces that make up the Filipino culture through our colorful festivals & religious fiestas. All of these and more in summer!


There’s so much to do & to love in the Philippines all-year round. But it is in summer time that we get to experience many of the best things about our beautiful diverse country. It’s the season when the waves are calmer making island hoppings smoother. With so many sunny days, outdoor activities are easier & more fun. Yes, we have fiestas happening every so often but it is at this time when it happens almost everyday especially in the Visayas region.


Summer also coincides with the observance of lent. And as one of the biggest Catholic nations in the world, this event is celebrated massively. While it’s a religious activity, it too is a chance to see the pageantry of antique hand-carved images in procession, cinematic tableaus of the passions of Christ, seasonal food & traditions that have spun for centuries.


Summer is also the perfect time to explore new destinations, go on roadtrips & try new activities. We just have so much to offer from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tail that one lifetime is never enough to visit it all. It’s as amazing as you can imagine. It’s as maddening as you can get.

Many have come to the Philippines & most of them had a hard time leaving. Find out more in this video by the Department of Tourism.


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