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Tibiao, Antique | Experience Panay’s Nature Indulgence

You may have probably seen the flood of photos on Instagram of people wallowing on milk baths in gigantic flaming cauldrons. Or happy shots of tourists flying on tire tubes over river rapids. But perhaps you don’t remember that all these fun & excitement are just in Tibiao in Antique.

Well, it could have been you on those photos, had you given this small town a chance on your travel bucketlist.

tibiao antique

Antique, let alone a 4th class municipality like Tibiao, has never made it to fame yet amidst the tourism frenzy of its closest neighbours like Aklan & Iloilo. But this never means they fall short of amazing travel experiences to offer. In fact, it has more than what you thought it to have.

Set your eco-adventures aflame in Tibiao, Antique!

tibiao antique

Tibiao’s kawa hot bath & river tubing all leads to one fantastic place — Calawag Mountain Resort.

Set in the highland barangay of Tuno, this resort is a one-stop shop for everything Tibiao: kawa hot bath, fish spa, Karay-a boodle fight, kayaking, multi-level hammock, massage & river tubing. Also, they sell all sorts of local souvenirs from food goodies to small handicrafts.

tibiao antique

Calawag mountain resort

And if it’s not too much, they too offer tourist accommodations finished in Antique style bamboo weaves. Plus a pretty tree house perfect for that much-needed nothingness.

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Kawa Hot Bath is undoubtedly the crowd-drawing attraction in Tibiao, Antique. This all-natural spa experience soaks you in a huge pre-heated cauldron using woodfire. Temperature is adjusted by slowly firing the pit to avoid scalding.

tibiao antique

To fill your ultimate bath fancies, you can choose to wallow on a basin of coffee, milk, sea salt or turmeric spread with wild flowers & leaves. Interestingly, you can also opt for beer or wine that are known to have anti-oxidant properties. Bath prices start at P399 to P599 depending on your chosen pampering package.

kawa bath

The idea of kawa hot bath is much the same as Japanese onsen, Russian banya or the Turkish hamman. Only that in Calawag Mountain Resort, it’s creatively done in a huge cauldron set by the river & under the canopies of trees.

Taking Tibiao Experience to the Next Level

tibiao antique

Another fun factor in Tibiao, Antique is its extreme river tubing. Using upcycled tire tubes as inflatables, you get to enjoy the ride of your life along Tibiao River. Unleash those decibel-breaking screams as you shoot yourselves into the rapids — swirling, tumbling & flying over the gushing white water.

tibiao antique

For safety reasons, river tubing is always a tandem activity with a dedicated qualified guide. It’s priced at P399 but it’s all worth it. And oh, don’t forget to leave your guide a generous tip.

tibiao antique

tibiao antique

Lunch here means a feast of local kinaray-a cuisine done in a boodle fight style. And as if it’s not enough, it is served on your table that is set-up right on the river! Indulge in one-of-a-kind food specialties like “papisik” or herb-stuffed native chicken steamed on a “dabahan” or claypot.

calawag mountain resort

Then there’s “linapwahan” (vegetable stew) that goes well with “pinindang” (dried fish) that you can specially request from the kitchen.

tibiao antique

If you just like to chill, you can go on a fish spa & let those tiny masseurs do the flaking-off job. But it’s fine to feel lazy, after all, it’s all about the chill vibe here. You can gather the gang on a breathable yet ripstop multi-level hammock over books, turmeric tea or just snooze in style.

antique rice terraces

tibiao antique

Bugtong bato falls

There’s still so much here. Across the river is a short trek to Bugtong-Bato Falls passing through a maze of rice terraces & lush forest. You can also explore the coastal side & experience “lambaklad” fishing or chase sunsets at Tiguis Beach.

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tibiao antique

Island Fun

To add, did you know that Tibiao is home to a beautiful island called Seco? Although it takes 3 hours to reach it, Seco Island’s blinding white sand beach & long sandbar is all worth the trip.

seco island

But of course, nothing’s best capping off your adventure-filled day than having a soothing massage at Calawag Mountain Resort. Yes, feel the wonderful kneading as the murmurs of the river slumps you to slumber.

massage in tibiao river

Although what Tibiao lacks in size, it surely makes up in abundant travel destinations. They’re unmindful of being left behind by other towns in terms of tourist numbers because they’d rather have small number of quality guests who care for nature & respect the customs of the Antiqueños.

kara bath antique

tibiao antique

And if you’re one with the growing eco-tribe wanderers, come by for a different kind of fun. Experience a wow adventure that’s happily Tibiao!


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