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Palayupoy | Ilocos’ Prettiest Resort

Beautiful beach resorts are bountiful in the Philippines as much as there are exciting shores of downy sand that hug its coastlines. From islands with sure-slug parties to low-key beach getaways, its more than 7,000 islands never run out of something to fill your fancy. But wouldn’t it be so lovely to come home to a resort that wants you and your little harmless dreamings?


Palayupoy is the Ilocano patois for sea breeze and is the name of an effortlessly pretty resort in the south of Ilocos Norte. It lies along the tranquil shores of Currimao with a fantastic view of the sun harboring on the West Philippine Sea. Its design language speaks of tempered Ilocano ostentations in a refreshing beachfront retreat. Inspired from farm huts, the sand-hued casitas are tastefully done in corals mixed with bamboo on concrete walls. With only 2 houses on its wide sun-kissed haven, it has plenty of spaces for your holiday indulgence.    
Palayupoy attracts guests who prefer quiet meanderings on its rustic landscape, a breezy read or coffee by the patio and a romantic dinner on the sand. While its accommodation guarantees an exquisite experience, its exclusivity is softened by a wonderful play of space and neutral colors amidst the fragrant calachuchi in bloom and the crisp scent of bamboos. Beautifully away-from-it-all, Palayupoy is charming and restorative.
Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte
+63 9173320217
  • Palayupoy belongs to a larger chain of exclusive resorts such as Sitio Remedios in Currimao and Meteora in Tagaytay.
  • Prior bookings are necessary. This must include the exact number of people coming and meal plans.
  • There are intentionally no airconditioning systems inside the rooms.
  • Mobile phone signals are available and stable. Globe Telecom operates on 4G data service.
  • Currimao is close to other exciting places to see such as UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Augustine Church in Paoay and the Marcos Museum in Batac.



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