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Rainy Season Guide

Activities to Do in the Philippines During the Rainy Season

After the sweltering heat of summer, the first few overwhelming showers that usually usher the beginning of the rainy season in most parts of Southeast Asia is finally here. But don’t let these downpours dampen your wanderlust as there are still loads of fun activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season.


Here, the 2nd half of the year is always the wettest—from shy showers to torrential falls. But even in this season, we never run short of fun activities to do. In fact, some outdoor actions are wilder when it’s wet. If you’re on a budget holiday, this is your moment as most airlines, hotels & tour operators go mad giving away irresistible deals.


Yay! There are more fun activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season!

Yes peeps, enjoy those budget deals as this season brings in all the cheapest packages. But before you dig in, let’s begin with some realities of the wet months so we can manage well our itineraries, expectations & budget.

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Photo credits:

The rains are brought by the southwest monsoon. Meaning, this is the wind that carries the showers from the warm seas. Its intensity varies & weather conditions can change anytime.

Seriously, downpours are not 24/7. It is usually short but forceful. So far in the recent history, the strongest typhoons happened in the last quarter of the year.

Trekking, caving, diving & island hopping are the usual activities that are compromised. So, expect some delays in logistical executions.

It’s all about timing & it earnestly requires patience. If you are creative & you know how to handle the necessary defenses, this season could still bring you loads of fun.


Here are the fun activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season.

White Water Rafting, Tubing, Kayaking

Riding the river rapids in the Philippines is fun & sometimes unforgiving. Here, you become a beast, unleashing decibel-breaking screams as you maneuver through the riotous mountain streams. If you want more thrill, waterparks like Seven Seas in Cagayan de Oro could be an awesome treat too.

activities to do in the philippines during the rainy season

Pick your playgrounds:

  • Rafting – Cagayan de Oro, Tibiao (Antique), Chico (Kalinga)
  • Tubing – Maitum (Sarangani) & Pangi River (La Union)
  • River Kayaking – Cagayan de Oro, Chico River (Kalinga), Paranas (Samar)
  • Waterparks – Seven Seas (Cagayan de Oro), Bulacan


When it rains, the sea swells & when it does, it’s playtime! Paddle, pop-up & find your balance under the curls! Pros love it when it’s the rainy season but even beginners get stoked too.

From La Union, Zambales, Baler & Daet in Luzon, to Guian & Calicoan in Visayas & all the way down to Siargao in Mindanao, surfing in this island nation is taken seriously.

activities to do in the philippines during the rainy season

Surf & help! Join the awesome community of wave riders helping young surfer kids go to school. Check out the Surf to School Program here.


Chasing waterfalls, especially after a rain is fantastic. This is the perfect time for you to marvel at the huge water curtains gushing through rock crevices, framed by lush tropical greens.

activities to do in the philippines during the rainy season

Find your postcard-perfect waterfall backdrops here:

Museum Tour

The Philippines is a wealth of precious antiquities. Learn more about its people, culture, arts & crafts by visiting the hundreds of museums scattered all around the country.


Some of the best museums holding vast collections are in these places:

  • Manila – The National Museum, San Agustin Church, Ayala Museum
  • Baguio – Bencab Museum, Tam-awan Art Village
  • Bohol – Bohol Museum
  • Cebu – Museo Sugbo, USC Museum, Fort San Pedro
  • Iloilo – Museo Iloilo, Magdalena Jalandoni Museum
  • Butuan – Balanghai Shrine & Museum
  • Davao – Davao Museum of History & Ethnography

Food Trip

Food tripping is one of the best activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season (or any season really). Never miss to sample some of the well-loved casserole dishes such as bulalo, arrozcaldo, goto & champorado. While these are available all-year round, however much adored during cold rainy days to keep you warm.


Photo courtesy of Lyle Asprer

These popular Filipino comfort food can be found everywhere. Each city would have its own version & there’s no better way to sample it than by asking a local of their favorite eating hangout.

Off Roads & ATV Rides

From flat roads to grassy uphill, & muddy trails to shallow river crossings, nothing beats seeing closely the famous Mayon Volcano than on a fun ATV ride.

You may also take your driving skills to a different level by riding on these 4×4 beast vehicles in an off-roading experience. Whether as a spectator, a passenger or commander of the wheel, there are a lot of tours & events that you can join.

activities to do in the philippines during rainy season

Tip: Bicol Adventure ATV is the most recommended ATV ride provider in Legazpi City. Check them out here.

Healing Indulgence

Going on retreat trips is one of the most soulful activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season. Surrender to some of the finest natural healing & retreat centers that offer beyond just physical detox but also total restorative experiences like yoga, organic food feast & moments of self-introspection.

Bahay Kalipay in Palawan & The Farm at San Benito in Batangas are among the most famous health resorts that you can find.

Spas abound in Manila too but if you are looking for an affordable alternative, a good find is Wellness Sanctuary (3F, Lucky Chinatown Mall, infront of Lock&Lock). They specialize in traditional Filipino massage called “hilot” & Chinese acupuncture.

Photo credits:

Photo credits:

Listen to your body, smell the petrichor & the sweet scent of calachuchi. Feel the earth on your feet, find your balance & own the universe.

Other Indoor Activities

Get an overload of board games at Ludo Boardgame Bar & Café with your friends. Amaze them with your clever moves!


If you’re serious in bolting from the blue & heart-thumping mystery solving assaults, try breaking free at Breakout Philippines or work those intuitions at Mystery Manila.


Art in Island is a museum of 3-D images in Cubao where you can drag your friends & family to a day of photographic illusions. All you need here are your dramatic skills, your camera & your photographer!


It’s fun even without the sun. What is essential is bringing out a serious amount of creativity. Couple it with patience in waiting for the right moment & you’ll be surprised at how amazing this island nation is —- a delightful paradise & a playground for all, whatever season may be.

So never stop traveling because we truly have more fun activities to do in the Philippines during the rainy season. Just don’t forget the necessary precautions & you’re good to go!

Pope Francis in the rain! Photo courtesy of

Pope Francis in the rain! Photo courtesy of


Important Reminders

For any outdoor activity, always consult your guide, tour operator or a knowledgeable local about your plans. Always keep in mind that when it rains, the risk is higher & no one stands mighty against nature. So be cautious.

During the rainy season, mosquitoes can also be pestering. Bring the necessities.

As you are at the mercy of the weather, always have a Plan B so as not to spoil your day.

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  • I would love to try Surfing in Siargao on rainy season.

    I visited Mountain Province and Ifugao on rainy season it was also a very good activity to do sad.. well, at least for me.. lol.. basang basa sa ulan sa kabukiran ang show ato!

    Good Job Potpot!!! You inspired us a lot!

    • Potpot

      Hi Ferna! The everywherewithferna!

      Thanks for droppin’ by. Yeah, fun really is relative—-it take’s a lot of creativity to survive the rainy season in the Philippines. Oh no, I can just imagine the lapok on your trekking shoes when you were in the North.

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