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sarangani highlands

Any food enthusiast would agree that what easily sells in restaurants are its idyllic atmosphere. It is then seconded by the quality of food and finally sealed by the reasonability of price and quality of service. Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant is a great balance between excellent food served in a serene hilltop ambience and sensible value delivered with attentive service.

sarangani highlands

Perched on the rolling hills of Tambler in Gen. Santos City, Sarangani Highlands is dining by the sky. It overlooks the wide Sarangani Bay and on clear times, Mt. Matutum and Mt. Parker add to the photogenic quality of this garden restaurant.

sarangani highlands

Take a quiet stroll on its rustic garden landscaped with manicured bushes, local blooms and explosions of pretty bonsai. Everything is built around age-old trees and the natural gentle slopes of the place.

sarangani highlands

The food was the most anticipated part of this trip and it was all worth the wait. Its seafood platter served in gata (coconut milk) and the ever-delectable grilled tuna belly are to die-for. If you are a fan of sashimi, Gensan is just the haven for it. For a moment I had to disappoint my gym trainer because unremorsefully I gave in to nth helpings of rice.

sarangani highlands

Sarangani Province is the country’s hub for tuna. The abundance of this precious fish has reached the commissaries of famous hotels and restaurants and served in the most spectacular gourmet variations. It could also be in your mom’s kitchen now or on its way to your happy dinner table.

sarangani highlands

What started as a landscaped garden that gathered personal friends have later opened its gates to guests to what would later become Gensan’s finest garden restaurant. Any gracious hosts always bring their visitors to Sarangani Highlands for a great sampling of its delightful regional cuisine in a truly convivial atmosphere.

What a wonderful world it is to be in Sarangani Highlands.


Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant

Purok Wal, Tambler

Gen. Santos City, Philippines

+63 83 5543666; +63 83 3040752



How to Get to Sarangani Highlands


Fly down to Gen. Santos City. All commercial airlines have regular flights to Gensan. Check the web for latest schedule and tariff.

From downtown Gensan, drive South on Makar-Siguel Highway to Tambler. It’s about 14 kilometers.

Just by traffic outpost is small road on the right side that goes up to the restaurant. This will take about a kilometer uphill drive.

If you are taking public transport, take the jeepneys from downtown Gensan to Tambler. From the drop off point, single motorcycles may be contracted to bring you up.

The best way to go if you are not driving is to take a cab and arrange for a round-trip service.


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