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Travel Guide to Port Barton, Palawan


Port Barton is a small beachside village located in the northwestern part of Palawan. It is about 150 kilometers from Puerto Princesa in the south and 90 kilometers from El Nido in the north. While it may seem to be in between 2 popular sites in this island province, Port Barton is still 22 kilometers inwards from the national highway & getting there could be a bit of a challenge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No ATMs in Port Barton. Bring Cash! Credit cards are hardly honored too due to intermittent internet service.


How to Get to Port Barton from Puerto Princesa

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From your hostel, take a tricycle (rickshaw) to the San Jose Bus Station, about 7kms away from downtown. This should only cost about P50-P80 ($1.5-2.5) for the entire ride, depending on your point of origin.

San Isidro Bus Line regularly plies this route on direct service. Fare costs P250 ($5) per passenger. Please note that this is a spartan bus, non-airconditioned and fully loaded.

There are only 2 schedules: 9AM & 2PM. But make sure you come in early to get a seat. No reservations. No advance booking. No online booking. You pay when you get off the bus in Port Barton.

Please check the updated schedule ahead of time, as sometimes there are unannounced changes. Travel time is about 4 hours with 1 stopover for quick lunch. Bring your own lunch if you have sensitivities to roadside food.

Normally, you will get off in the main bus terminal landing and there are barkers that will force to you to take the RoRo Bus (Roll-on Roll-off). This doesn’t go direct to Port Barton. San Isidro is on the other side of the terminal. Just look for it.

If you miss the direct bus, you may take the buses that are bound for El Nido. This only costs about P150 per passenger. Get off at San Jose Junction (don’t confuse this with San Jose in Puerto Princesa). This is the break point inwards to Port Barton.

This may be a better bus but you have to switch to a different mode of transport as soon as you get in the junction. However, make sure you tell the bus driver to get you off on the Port Barton junction.

In the junction, there are 2 transfer options: either you take a single motorcycle or a tricycle. Prices are negotiated but it starts at P150. Single motorcycle is a better choice because the road is mostly an unpaved downhill track.

Another option is to take the El Nido bound vans. Get off at the same junction in San Jose & connect to Port Barton via hired motorcycle.


How to Get to Port Barton from El Nido

From your hostel, take a tricycle to the bus station. This should only cost about P50.

There are no direct buses from El Nido to Port Barton. You have to get off in Roxas Bus Terminal & look for the jeepneys that travel to Port Barton. This takes about 1.5 hours.

Make sure you get there before 10AM because the jeepney will travel back to Port Barton as soon as it gets filled with passengers.

If you think you will miss the 10AM schedule, go straight to San Jose junction and wait for the mini-bus (from Puerto Princesa) or you may hire a motorcycle going in.


How to Get to Port Barton from Sabang

Sabang is already close to San Jose Junction. It should take you only about an hour to get there.

If you are already in Sabang, take the jeepney or vans going out to Puerto Princesa. Get off at Salvacion crossing & wait for buses or vans going north. This way, you don’t have to go back all the way to the city.

Other Options

From Sabang and El Nido, another option would be to take the outrigger boat. There are commercial schedules but this is depending on the availability of passengers and season.

Check if there will be a commercial boat that would sail on your desired schedule. Otherwise, you may want to hire the entire boat if you have someone to split the cost with. This is about P2,500 – P3,000 per boat depending on its capacity.


How to Get Out from Port Barton


Either way, El Nido or Puerto Princesa, there are mini-buses and jeepneys that travel out from Port Barton everyday.

Normally, Puerto Princesa bound mini-buses leave early at 8AM & at lunchtime.

If you are El Nido bound, there are jeepneys that leave at 9AM and lunchtime for Roxas. As soon as you get to Roxas, you will need to connect to El Nido. It costs P250.

There are already vans that await passengers in the terminal in Roxas. This costs P350.

You may also negotiate for an outrigger boat to El Nido or Sabang.


This may seem like a challenge but once you get to Port Barton, it’s all worth it.


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