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Pagudpud | Ilocos Norte’s Beachy Goodness

To call Pagudpud as the Boracay of the North is a ghastly allusion. Pagudpud is beautiful on its own — quiet, rustic, quite hard to reach & its beaches are not a cesspool. It’s neither the prettiest nor the most exciting. But it’s worth the long drive up north.


Pagudpud is the northernmost town in the Province of Ilocos Norte & of mainland Luzon. Flying to Laoag airport is the nearest gateway but many tourists still bear the 12-hour drive because getting there is already more than half the fun.

All so good, Pagudpud!

Among the many wonderful reasons, it’s their beaches that people come here for. Saud is the most popular because of its long stretch of white sand beach. This is the town’s happening strip as most resorts, restaurants & bars are decked here. On a clear day, the windmills in Bangui provide a beautiful backdrop from a faint distance.


On the north eastern side of town is Maira-ira Beach tucked in a palm-framed white sand cove. It is commonly known as Blue Lagoon for its deep azure sea. Facing Pasaleng Bay, the waters here are calmer & its seabed is more sandy making it a perfect spot for lazing around.

Stretching further down past Patapat Viaduct is Pansian Beach. Not as famous as its neighbors, still it’s one beachy goodness worth visiting.


Pagudpud isn’t only about beaches. It’s also about waterfalls like Kabigan & Bantay Abot Cave. There’s also Burayoc Point famed for its sunset deck & Patapat Kalbario Park that gets full especially on Holy Week. I haven’t been to these places yet but I’ve heard these spots are equally exciting.

sea's kitchen

This beach town also hides a lovely restaurant called SEA’s Kitchen. While most eateries & luncheonettes would probably squeeze themselves on the beachside, this one’s surprisingly tucked in the lush hilltop spot in Barangay Bugayoc. It serves mostly farm-to-table food in a differently beautiful sylvan ambience.

[ Update: SEA’s Kitchen is temporarily closed as of July 22, 2018 ]


Pagudpud is surely not a stone’s throw getaway. But if quiet & quaint beaches are your kind of beach fancies, then this spot is a sure allure. And oh, don’t call it the Boracay of the North because it isn’t.



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