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Hi I am Potpot. Welcome to Travel Trilogy!



I am currently based in Manila, Philippines where I thrive on doodling stories, running marketing projects & popping bubble wraps. Born with the travel DNA, I have been tugging my luggage for more than 20 years now. I midwifed my vocation in the performing arts & language education but at the turn of the millennium I made a detour to the glitzy, jetsetting corporate lifestyle. I got burned in my own fire. I killed the romance & now happily treading my way back to arts & literary madness.


Travel Trilogy is not a travel bible written by some self-proclaimed social media strategist. Rather, it is a composite of OUR stories narrated in differently wonderful perspectives. Lacking the bells & whistles, the challenge really lies in getting that fair space in the already choke-full blogosphere. But now that you are reading this actually pushes me closer to that shining cyberstage.


Thank you for giving Travel Trilogy a chance and now here’s an awesome hug for you!