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Travel Trilogy is a digitized collection of travel musings and dispatches of my wanderings around the world. These stories are lifted from my personal experiences, shared to you in my most daring attempts of literary and photographic expositions.

We travel for so many reasons. There’s the cliched to see the world or the tacky be seen by the world.  There’s also the immortal and dramatic eat-pray-love that has evolved into the revolting selfie-party-get laid reasons. Whatever there are to those travels, we all want to achieve three common goals: retreat to find balance, restore from the blank spaces and revel on the world’s fleeting splendor.

Travel Trilogy has been here for a while and it survived many years without ads with the intent of it being just a personal online travel diary. Oh yes, I was so stupid 4 years ago to tag it personal while the virtual world actually consumed it. Spinning from that doodle beginnings to where it is now (midway between success and CTR+ALT+DELETE), I’ve realized it’s time giving it some serious loving.

I have been to so many countries but a lot of those were in the era when internet was just a concept and pictures still came in rolls of 24 and 36. So how will Travel Trilogy, authored by a man born to post-WW flower power compete with the WWW babies in the cyberspace? Travel Trilogy will continue to deliver you wonderful stories—something to fill your bucket list or someplace you feel at home.

If Travel Trilogy catches your fancy, I am just as happy. Hit SHARE, after all, it’s free.