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You probably know where to go and what to do in your vacation. But have you already thought about how to stitch them all? Let me help you plan your trip in your chosen country in Southeast Asia.

My only capacity at this time is to make you a travel itinerary. I can only recommend hotel & tour packages. You have to do the booking (free yourself from middlemen commissions!)

It’s free but there’s an easy Donate button if you’re happy with me.

It’s easy as 1-2-3! Fill-up the Travel Planning Form below and email this to me.

Form Link here


Lost for words? No time to write? Don’t know how to articulate your thoughts? Cheesy, funny & witty lines. Boring products with kick-ass taglines. Love letters & break-up text. Collection notices & death threats.

I will write it for you if the time is right! Connect with me dohlink and let us slay them with words.


So, you’re some rich entrepreneur who needs help in creating strategic marketing plans. Or that awesome start-up guy who needs a hand in executing a wonderful idea.

My 14 years of sales & consumer marketing experience (a job I ditched for writing) might somehow help.

Don’t google me, here’s my LinkedIN profile.

Email me if you have projects like travel & leisure, bed & breakfast, healing & wellness or any ideas that are out of this world.


You’re in Manila and you need to know more about the Philippines? You need a coffee buddy or someone to travel with?

If I am free, who knows that coffee or bus ticket might be on me.

Thanks to Potpot, I had the journey of a lifetime. I found his informative blog about receiving a traditional Kalinga tattoo from Apo Whang-od. I appreciated how responsive he was throughout the journey. I had the opportunity to meet him in person. Such a wealth of information. I am recommending Travel Trilogy for travel advises!


Traveling soon? Better check this site first! Traveling anywhere in Southeast Asia is made easier by Travel Trilogy. Potpot offers personal travel planning that saved me a lot of time and resources when I traveled to Ho Chi Minh. He also gave us tips on the photogenic places in Vietnam. He is very organized & smooth to work with.


Having passion for traveling is Potpot of Travel Trilogy’s best asset. His stories and reviews of the places he’s been to fascinates me that I want to just hop on to the next flight & experience the country. He was kind enough to help me in my trip to Cambodia by creating an itinerary of must-see sites & must-eat restaurants. Thanks Travel Trilogy for making it all hassle free.


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