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Tabuk City, Kalinga | Into the Valley of Adventures

Whether you want to chill on the hill, savour exotic cuisine or immerse with indigenous communities, there’s so much to explore in Tabuk City. And yes, this quiet town in Kalinga is truly more than what meets the eye.


In the last decade, the world turned its attention to Kalinga because of Apo Whang-od. Suddenly, this side of Cordillera became the hotspot of cultural tourism fueled by the race to see the centenarian folk tattoo artist.

kalinga tattoo

While this tiny village atop the mountain in Buscalan enjoyed the fame, Tabuk City remained a jump-off spot of crisscrossing tourists. But that’s all it — just a busy transit place, leaving this equally interesting town hardly unexplored.

chico river Kalinga

Tabuk City: The Valley of Wonderful Secrets

If you were one of those who hurried your trip to Buscalan, here are some of the beautiful attractions that you missed out on in Tabuk City. Or say, a few inspirations to redo this long journey & experience this valley of adventures — for real.

tabuk city

Naneng Heritage Village

There’s no better place to get a glimpse of Tabuk’s past as well as its sense of  home, food & culture than at Naneng Heritage Village.

Naneng heritage village

This tiny township is the oldest settlement in Tabuk. Around it are homes of the traditional styles & those reminiscent of the 1920s laid out in a neat grid. Here, the St. Joseph’s Parish stands as a century-old reminder of its past. That, being the first Catholic church & the seat of municipal government during the American regime.

naneng tabuk

You can explore the village on foot or hop on a fun ride on the “tal-tallak” (wooden cart). Traipse on the ricefields punctuated by “ayang” or rice granary. Take a dip on Dawwang Cold Spring or laze under the canopy of trees over a hearty picnic. You can trek to Madaldalpong Mountains or ride the swells of Chico River nearby.


The village is also home to some of the finest traditional weavers or “sumisinon”. Many homes here offer demonstrations of this age-old backstrap loom weaving called “laga”. Although, many weavers are the old women, children are also learning to keep their folk art alive.


Surely, no trip to Naneng Heritage Village is ever complete without sampling the “inandila”. This glutenous rice snack is their version of the classic “palitaw” just made longer, thicker & incomparably delicious.


Discover Naneng through its Community Life Tour.
Contact them on Facebook as Forward Bountiful Tabuk

Tangkib Kan Daguitan Eco-Village

Tucked in the woods of Barangay Bagumbayan, Tangkib Kan Daguitan Eco-Village offers another multi-experience getaway.

tangkib eco village

Here, the community treats guests with overload of Kalinga homestay hospitality. There are short trekking trails, viewdecks & a small swimming pool. Then there’s home-cooked goodies upon request & lots of open spaces for you to enjoy the fresh air.

kalinga tattoo in tabuk

Also, if traditional Kalinga hand-tapped tattoo interests you, getting that awesome ink can be done here. Sans the celebrity factor, their works are equally clean as that of Grace or Ilyang in Buscalan.


White Water Rafting

Of course, wild hearts deserve wild adventures like white water rafting along the riotous Chico River! Paddle & scream as Chico River Quest takes you to an exciting wet & crazy fun day in Kalinga. Click here to book.


Caffeine Fix

Kalinga is  popular for growing highland coffee. And Tabuk is the best place to find well-roasted & aromatic coffee indulgence.


There’s quite a lot of farms & roasteries around. But try Magallaya Mountain Specialty Coffee for a local coffee master experience. Don’t leave Kalinga without bringing home some fresh grounds — it makes a perfect pasalubong.

kalinga coffee

Bugnay Wine

If coffee isn’t your thing, their local “bugnay” or mulberry wine might tickle your fancy. Everyone looks to Ryan and Son’s Winery for this special Kalinga experience.

Bugnay wine

Coming here means going more for the wine as it is an organic integrated farm too. Aside from their bugnay & fruit orchards, they also engage in aquaculture. Best part of the trip, you can relax under the trees & soak in all the tranquility.


Traditional Kalinga Food

Tabuk City makes a great trip for traditional culture & indigenous cuisine. But don’t  look for it in glitzy restaurants because honestly, there’s none.


Dishing down authentic food comes normal in any Kalinga household. The common stars of the kitchen are “binungor” (mixed beans-shellfish combo in coco milk) and “sinursur” or catfish-shellfish-banana stalk trio in coco.

Read more about Kalinga cuisine here


Tabuk is more than just a gateway to the thrills of Kalinga. It is a destination worth exploring, kicking in fresh energy & spreading across the Cordillera mountains. Indeed, Tabuk is a fascinating multi-sensory escape & it awaits you to experience them too.


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