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Best Places to Eat in Baler | Best Bites + Chill Feel

Choosing the best places to eat in Baler comes as easy as the sand that clings on your toes. Yes, there’s just so much options around as this surf town’s popularity continues to swell more than ever.

best places to eat in baler

Anyone who has traveled a few times to Baler would agree how much its food scene changed over the last decade. From the old beach fare picnics & surf shack boodles to the new sleek diners & Instagram-fired platings  — it had truly gone wild!

best places to eat in baler

best places to eat in baler

Best Places to Eat in Baler: Must-Tries & Must-Haves

Gone are the days when beach dining in Baler meant sinking your feet into the sand underneath the table. Today, it’s not only about dishing out good food but also providing some sort of social media-approved look & feel.

So, let’s crawl for the best places to eat in Baler.


beach house costa Pacifica

No doubt, Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House is one of the places that sum up Baler’s gastronomic experience. Think about the heartiest of dishes served in a chic light-washed ambience. Think about beachy goodness.

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the boardwalk bay's inn

The Boardwalk by Bay’s Inn is where fantastic eating & stunning scene meet. Dig in for the best buffet spread in town or ala carte choices all up to take you on a real gustatory spin.

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surfer grill baler

Another of Bay’s Inn delight is Hungry Surfer. From your usual noodle to fancy burger, just about anything easy & comforting are up on the menu. Although now flashing in new bright colors & fixings, this spot brings back good memories of the old Sabang Beach.


Charlie does baler

Of course, the list of our best places to eat in Baler is never complete without Charlie Does Café. This spot makes our plant-based diet friends, art hanger-ons & the hungry curious really happy. Surfing legends hole-up here too — so prep for abs-sightings.


ramenan sa baler

Among the many fun stuff that Baler lend themselves to — surfing, beach-bumming, tanning, cruising — what would a day in the sun be without a cool place for good food? Ramenan Sa Baler offers the perfect spot to dust off the sand over bowls of ramen. Come in like a princess at The Black Room Hostel & sneak out like a ninja.


Kubli bistro

Kubli is a smorgasbord of dishes from the different cuisines around the world. However,  one thing binds this little-here-and-there kind of bistro — comforting goodness.


sonia's at surfers garden baler

Keeping that relaxed alfresco dining feel of the yesteryears, Sonia’s at Surfer’s Garden tucks itself by the shades of Baler’s lush side. Here, it’s no-frills, no-nonsense kinda thing — just good food & lots of love. Slippers optional.


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Kusina Luntian

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Truly, Kusina Luntian wins the hearts of its patrons with palate-kicking dishes. And the best part, you can go kamayan style without being judged. Yes, this too deserves a spot on our list of best places to eat in Baler.


bike kings baler

Forget Sabang Beach or surf thing, at least for a bit, and head to Bike Kings Kitchen. This one’s known for its bike-themed looks but also whisks good Filipino food. Yes, in hungry biker servings too.



Everything about Yellow Fin is unpretentious & charming. People flock here for seafood, booze & awesome beer partners on balmy nights. Come as you are.


little warung

Little Warung is the little darling of Baler. It whips up creative Asian fusion grubs delightfully created for palates that seek some flavor adventures. Tucked in Dogtown Collective, this food strip is also home to Saranglayap & Rotunda Café. Doggos are welcome here too.


baler surfer grill

Alright, nothing too spectacular here except for your grilled all-time faves done on the beetle’s hood. But hey, it’s good, affordable & a cozy spot for breezy dinners. Baler Surfer Grill’s gonna take you to a delicious ride, babe.


the good food baler

If you want to keep your resolutions intact even on a holiday, The Good Food helps. You’d love their botanical offerings & casual dining feel. Uh-huh, they just have the right light vibes to make it on our roll of the best places to eat in Baler.


crash pad baler

Yes, there’s always something about the vibe in any surf community. What that is, is probably best experienced at Crash Pad. No fancy menu but worth hailing a second helping of rice. Come in  hungry.

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nalu surf camp

If what they say that everything tastes better on the beach, Nalu Surf Camp takes on this advantage. Decked along Sabang Beach, this landmark whips your all-day comfort food. No drama. Just eat.

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port tavern

The thought of chilling out all day over good food, cocktails, billiard, dart & the crisp scent of the sea is already worth the long drive. Tucked in Seasta Beach Resort in Zabali, this hip hub rocks like no other.


Kokoa Concept Store & Cafe crafts healthy smoothies, kick-ass coffee & tea. It’s a popular stop of the coolest crowd. Among the many reasons why both locals & tourists love it here is its chill vibe. And yes, you can bag some reef-friendly skin care stuff too.


Mumunsi baler

Alright, you don’t surf but you have sweet tooth? Visiting Mumunsi Chocolate Café makes up the perfect excuse to plan a trip to Baler now. Because yeah, who says no to chocolate? C’mon, just give in to this indulgent escape.


Madison's cafe baler

We are a pastry-loving people & nowhere is this perfected in Baler than at Madison’s Cafe. Come by for their bestselling calamansi & blueberry cheesecakes. Also, their tuyo pasta is a crowd favourite here. This place is love, honey.


Timog coffee baler

Seafood + coffee + tacos. So many things happen at Timog Coffee Baler. But one’s thing’s sure in this newest spot on Baler’s food scene, it’s damn easy-breezy. No wonder why they’re raking in all the good reviews. Joyfully carefree — this pretty describes it.

Best Buys From Baler

Food always makes the perfect travel souvenir from Baler. Ditch the usual tchotchkes for these delicious pasalubong instead for your friends & family.

Longganisa de Baler

longganisa baler

Look for it only at Endless Summer Hotel. Believe me, they just have the best thing that could ever happen to anyone else’s garlic longganisa.

Suman & Peanut Butter

suman baler

Whether you want to bag-in Nanay Pacing’s or Great Harvest, bringing home a jar or two makes a yummy pasalubong. Find your best suman in the market. Early morning is usually the best time to buy.

Kiwi Cupcake

Looking for something new to bring home from Baler? Feel loved with Dialyn Bakeshop’s kiwi cupcakes. Reminder: Seal it well & put it away from you (read: don’t eat it yet til you reach your destination)


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