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Alright, let’s go straight to the point —- Victory Liner’s point to point bus service is awesome. No frills, no nonsense. Just quick & smooth ride connecting Clark Airport in Pampanga to Subic & Dagupan.

victory liner

Recently, I had to fly back to Luzon to join the Season 8 of Lakbay Norte hosted by the North Philippines Visitors Bureau. But before we hit that weeklong travel assignment, my friends & I thought of making a real laptop-down Sunday in Subic.

victory liner

With this route in mind, I flew on Air Asia from Cagayan de Oro City & touched down at Clark. Delays were non-negotiable obviously because we only had a day for this quick trip.

And yes, my equally excited bunch o’beshies had a great plan to save time — take Victory Liner straight from the airport to Subic Bay!

clark airport

Premium Point to Point Bus Service: Now that’s what you call Victory!

Yes folks, Victory Liner, the country’s premiere carrier for northbound travels services Clark International Airport.

Via its point to point bus service (P2P), commuting into or out of Clark Airport, from or to Subic & Dagupan is now easier than ever.

point to point bus service

How it Works

Everything is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First, look for Victory Liner Service Desk at the right exit door of the Arrival Area. You won’t miss it because their red booth is easy to spot.

Second, book your seat on the next leaving bus for Subic or Dagupan. No prior reservations needed.

Lastly, hop on your bus & just chill your way to your destination. Yes, you don’t even need to worry about tugging your luggage to the bus. Just leave it to their crew!

p2p victory liner

And more yeses, whether the bus is filled or not, it will leave on schedule. It has free on-board WIFI, spacious leg rooms, reclinable seats & huge luggage space. If it’s not too much to mention, their crew are very courteous too!

Schedule, Drop-Offs & Fare

Truly, Victory Liner’s premium point to point bus service is the most economical & practical way to take the public transport to the north. Check out their schedule, drop-offs & fare matrix below.

victory liner p2p schedule

Forget about FOMF (Fear of Missing Flight) because all their trips are in-sync with Clark Airport’s departure & arrival schedule. In case of delays in last flights, the last bus also adjusts its departure time.

point to point bus service

Making connecting trips to & from Clark other than Subic & Dagupan? Chill, because their pick-up & drop-off points will do it all easy for you. For Clark-Subic ( and vice versa), they make stops at Dau, SM Clark & Harbor Point. Then for Clark-Dagupan (and vice versa), passengers may get off at SM Carmen, Urdaneta & SM Clark.

victory liner p2p

Shhhh…just a few more tips. If you are Bataan bound, you can even get-off at Dinalupihan exit! And if you’re connecting via Dau in Mabalacat, you don’t need to pay expensive fare just to get out of the airport. Aren’t all these awesome?

victory liner

I really planned to catch a nap on our way to Subic. But even before I could snooze, we were already at Harbor Point. That’s how quick the ride was since all of their P2P routes take SCTEX.

subic rustica

I’ll reserve how we spent the day in Subic in another story. Because just when you think that Subic is all about being a remodeled freeport, there’s more to it actually! My first experience of Victory’s P2P was cool & I’ma do it again soon.


For more details about
Victory Liner’s Premium Point to Point Bus Service
Contact them at
09985915102 / 09178425463 /(02) 842-8679

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