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Lechonan sa Baroy Festival | Baroy, Lanao del Norte

Baroy’s love of lechon knows no boundaries. Yes, every mid-June, this town in Lanao del Norte becomes the greasy epicenter of cardiac delights as it celebrates the Lechonan sa Baroy Festival!

lechonan sa Baroy festival

Baroy is a small quiet town favored with pottery, sea shells and a lovely sunset view by the placid Panguil Bay. But hardly known to many, it is also the home of great lechoneros in this side of the region.

baroy lechon festival

Baroy lanao del norte

Lechonan sa Baroy Festival: One Day Only

True, for one day only, everyone goes crazy hogging on the most succulent lechon. Not just one, not five, not ten — but more than twenty lechon to fill you to the brim.

Imagine this, each of the 23 barangays brings one official entry. Add a buffer roasting on the side plus offices and homes bragging their own. Uh-huh, what you get is one porky madness, indeed!

baroy lechon festival

Lechonan sa Baroy Festival is fairly new to the festival scene in Northern Mindanao. It was launched in 2005 to celebrate the lechon industry and its homegrown lechoneros. Of course, it also desires to put this quiet town in the festival circuit of Region 10.

lechonan sa Baroy festival

maayong laki sa Baroy

The festival opens with a grand parade of decorated lechon, stopping all traffic to make way for these skewered delights. So, imagine being stuck in your car as you watch these oodles of deliciousness hold you up in oozing stillness!


Surely, when there’s lechon, there’s dancing, music and booze. Then there’s also the usual fairground rides and entertainment for families.

Albeit a simple celebration coinciding with its Charter Anniversary, the Lechonan sa Baroy Festival is wildly an exciting time to be in Lanao del Norte.

lechonan sa Baroy festival

Baroy lechon

A Calorific Getaway

Alright, Baroy isn’t the only one making this claim to fame as lechon festivals happen in many places in the Philippines. Just any place with unconditional love for these suckling roasts make up any reason to celebrate this good old Pinoy favorite.


In Baroy, it’s all about bringing the community together over food that makes them happy and proud. While there is a competition for the best roast, it’s not the prize that matters but winning the hearts and palates of everyone.

Indeed, Lechonan sa Baroy is all about gathering the happy vibe all in the name of one true sweetheart, lechon.


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