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Christmas Symbols Festival | Tangub City

All towns, malls & hotels have lit their showpiece trees. Homes & streets sparkle in the dark of night. And children’s carols fill the air. But does Christmas in your neighborhood look like the Christmas Symbols Festival in Tangub City?

christmas symbols festival

Yes, Tangub in Misamis Occidental doesn’t let Christmas pass without so much fanfare. They take decorating for the holidays seriously that the word simple doesn’t even exist.

In fact, they hold the title as the Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines.

christmas symbols festival tangub

The World Aglow at the Christmas Symbols Festival

Christmas Symbols Festival is one of the most anticipated shows in Northern Mindanao. It brings some of the world’s famous landmarks in a spectacle of light & gigantic art displays.

christmas symbols festival

Tangub is a progressive but quiet city. It becomes busy during the fiesta season in September. But come December, it becomes wildly unforgettable as it brings an exciting world of holiday wonders.

tangub sinanduloy

tangub sinanduloy

At this time the town’s rustic charm transforms into a festive storybook Christmas. Families, friends, children & the not-so-young gather here & create yuletide memories.

christmas symbols festival

While it may be running for 26 years now, it was only in 2014 when it launched its theme “Discover the World in Tangub” that it gained massive popularity. Since then, this show of lighted colossal replicas of the world’s landmarks made Tangub a December affair.

tangub misamis occidental

Truly, it fills your imagination of journeying around the globe. At some point you are in Italy & crossing to Germany. Then you find yourself in America or India in a flash. And at the next corner you’re in Taiwan.

tangub christmas

tangub christmas symbols

But the best thing about these mammoth reproductions is that they’re not for-your-eyes-only. You can get in, clamber & explore. Also, you’re free take photographs as much as you want.

christmas symbols festival

Get yourselves a passport for only P40 & travel the world on a magical carpet ride. Drop a P5 donation & you get unlimited tour inside each destination. How cool is that?


But Wait, There’s More!

Be amazed by the lighted street archways that lead to the town. Or the buildings & homes that deck the roads with everything Christmas. Then there are creative lanterns too that fill the church with bright stars.

tangub city christmas

And no one goes hungry here as food stalls surround the plaza. As if it’s not enough, there are caravans & shows to keep you amped up. Just imagine Disney — the Tangub way.

tangub city


One Dark Night in Tangub

Behind the flickering lights that we see at the Christmas Symbols Festival today all started with a wishful thinking one dark night in 1992.

christmas symbols festival tangub

Far from the brilliant city lights of Cebu, Jennifer Wee Tan, a Cebuana beauty queen & First Lady of Tangub, felt homesick. Her husband, Mayor Philip Tan then wooed her with a huge Christmas tree at the City Plaza the next day.

tangub christmas symbols festival

As time went by, that lonesome Christmas tree never became enough. From the ordinary Christmas display it became grander, surpassing the show each passing year.

christmas symbols festival

Suddenly, the Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum & many other world wonders were in a town that no one was even talking about.

christmas symbols festival

When in the past, only the locals gathered around the plaza, today, thousands come each day. Tourists travel all the way to Tangub City to experience a dreamlike wonderland festooned with bright lights.

tangub city

Christmas Symbols Festival is indeed an over-the-top expression of how Tangub isn’t shy about its love for the season. It pulls out all the stops at Christmas & makes you believe it in its magic. It tickles & inspires to create unforgettable holidays.

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christmas symbols festival

Forget about Santa & his reindeers on a sleigh, the roasted chestnuts & the dust of snow. Because at the Christmas Symbols Festival, you’re in for a different treat. Enjoy stepping into a dazzling universe filled with an equally exciting Christmas carnival ambience.


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