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Festivals in the Philippines | March Guide

festivals in the philippines

Festivals in the Philippines are as abundant as there are islands to this country. And we aren’t shy about expressing our love for fiestas. In fact, we always have one happening somewhere everyday giving us more reasons to celebrate!

Festivals in the Philippines: MARCHing in Fun

March signals the coming of the 2-month summer holidays. Travel deals begin to heat up as soon as it kicks in. Parties happen back-to-back & everyone’s busy getting that body so summer ready.

Check out the fun festivals in the Philippines happening across the country this March. Let’s go MARCHing in fun!

1st Sunday of March


Kapayvanuvanua is a sacred fishing tradition among the Ivatan fisherfolks of Diura in Batanes. This age-old ritual opens the beginning of the harvest of “arayu” otherwise known as “mahi-mahi”. While it is an activity sans the shebang of festivals, Kapayvanuvanua is an important celebration among the Ivatans.

Know more about it in my story published by Rappler.

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Alimango Festival
3rd Week of March

alimango festival

The abundance of crabs or alimango is nowhere given much ado than in Lala, Lanao del Norte. Heaps of crabs are up for grabs during this season. But more than the assured spot in getting your hands on those crabs, street dancing & trade fairs also doll up this festival.

Strawberry Festival
March 1-31

strawberry festival

At the close of Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City, Benguet immediately opens with Strawberry Festival in La Trinidad. This quiet town is no stranger to tourists because it’s famous for its strawberries. For a month, fresh picks as well as its by-products like jams & pastries take you to a delicious spin.

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Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival
1st Week of March

malasimbo festival

Mt. Malasimbo in Mindoro comes to life during the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival. Held annually, it features global artists showcasing various genres of music, traditional & contemporary art. Troop with the group for more chill-out vibe in this hallmark music & arts fest in the country.

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Dinamulag Festival
3rd-4th Week of March

festivals in the philippines

Did you know that the dinamulag variety of carabao mangoes grown in Iba, Zambales made it to many national & international records as the sweetest of its kind? And this is the reason for the celebration & yeah, making Dinamulag Festival the sweetest entrant to the scene of festivals in the Philippines! It also highlights street dancing, trade fairs, agri-float parades —- all of the saccharinic kind.

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Seslong Festival
2nd Week of March

Seslong festival

T’boli is the Land of the Dreamweavers & is also home to a beautiful festival called Seslong. On this special occasion, the T’bolis or the indigenous people on this part of South Cotabato gather to celebrate the abundance of harvest & the richness of their arts & culture. It also portrays their practice of barter in the olden times.

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