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Lanzones Festival | Camiguin Island

Making a trip to Lanzones Festival in Camiguin island is always a good plan! Here, you don’t just rock on its heart-thumping events, but also a chance to roll on its chill island vibe attractions. Yes folks, all in just one go!

lanzones festival

Certainly, Camiguin is the tourism powerhouse of Northern Mindanao. With sexy beaches, palate-kicking island cuisine & super cool volcanoes — it’s any tourist’s dream destination. And to say that no one goes tired coming again & again to Camiguin is not even a hype. It’s a serial affection.

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While Camiguin basks on quiet escapes all year long, it also bursts into frenzy once in a while. In fact, one event that is most anticipated every year is the Lanzones Festival. Staged every last week of October, it celebrates the bounty of lanzones harvests & the grace of Camiguinon living.

2020 Update: Lanzones Festival Goes Online
Check their FB/IG @lanzonesfestival

camiguin lanzones

No doubt, Camiguin is home to the sweetest & juiciest lanzones in the Philippines. With over 2,000 hectares planted with it, the island is the biggest grower & producer in the country. If you ever wonder what makes it uncontestably sweet — it’s their volcanic topography.


When trees begin to bear fruits in August, it sprinkles the start of thanksgiving. Mounds of lanzones start to appear on street stalls & basket loads of it fill cargoes for distribution elsewhere.

lanzones festival 2019

Locals call it “buwahan”, derived from the word “gold” or “bulawan” because of its golden color. Some say it’s a spin-off from the word “bulahan” or blessed as folklores narrate it to be a gift from the supreme deity Magbabaya.

Feast of Culture

lanzones festival

While the richness of sweet lanzones is the reason for the celebration, it also revels its colorful Kinamigin culture. The street dance competition is among the events that best showcase their indigenous dances & music.

lanzones festival

On this day, every contingent battles it out in a spectacle of complex choreographies, quick props & costume changes, all to the music of heart-pounding drumbeats. This much-anticipated show proves that Camiguin is also home to the best cultural pageantries in the region.

Feast of Flavours


Camiguin is more than just about fantastic beaches, it is also about great food. Come hungry to Lanzones Festival because chowtime is a sure delight. Daos Ki, it’s food extravaganza, treats guests to a filling affair. Local dishes to intercontinental grubs are up for grabs everyday at the festival site.

camiguin lanzones

But what’s a Lanzones Festival without feasting on this sweet wonder? Don’t fret because there’s eat-all-you-can at the Ugmad Site. Of course, you can buy some for pasalubong at unbelievably low price!

Feast of Beauty & Grace

mutya sa buahanan

If you want to bask on a bevy of island beauties, look no further than Camiguin! The search for Mutya sa Buahanan is always an unmissable show. Combining wit & gorgeousness, these ladies surely fire up what is already a sexy hot island!


Then there’s Datu Daw Bai Ta Buahanan & Diwata Daw Tayamtam showdown. Be charmed by the grace of movements & the splendor of costumes. This annual search for the festival king & queen is a crowd-drawer, so prepare to squeeze in.

Feast of Escapades

camiguin island

Camiguin needs no further intros when it comes to holiday attractions. From sea to summit, from sky to underwater & everything lovely in between are here! Let its white sand beaches seduce you or allow its underworld fulfill your mermaiding fancies.


Are you passionate about colonial heritage? Camiguin is a wonderland! Are you thrilled by extreme adventures? Camiguin is a dreamland! Do restorative escapes like spa treatments, yoga or just quiet spaces tickle your whims? Camiguin is a fantasyland!

Feast of Finds

lanzones festival

Check the booths too for locally made products because Camiguin is a wealth of great finds! Just make sure you got extra baggage allowance on your return flight. Trinkets, baskets, food & other handcrafted goods are maddening!

lanzones festival

Moreover, there are no shortage of exhibits here. From local farm produce to art pieces & from showroom-ready jewelry to a rodeo show — it’s a treat so hard to beat!

Feast of Fun

lanzones festival

Sure, we all love the cultural showdown, the culinary wonders & the beaches. But let’s face it, what we’re all really looking forward to is the party scene. Put up your wings & be ready to button down with Lanzones Festival’s awesome parties!

lanzones festival

Truly, Lanzones Festival is a trip worth making! Not only it is a journey into Camiguin’s harvest & cultural abundance, but also a wonderful time to retreat, revel & restore!

Ag Sadja Ki Raw!


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