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Festivals in the Philippines | May Guide

Nowhere are the festivals in the Philippines more colorful & abundant than in the month of May. Yes, May celebrates many fiestas throughout the country mostly in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

festivals in the philippines

But it’s not only harvest festivals that heat up our summer. There are other fiestas too that beat the drums for our rich culture, food music & art scenes.

festivals in the philippines

Festivals in the Philippines: The Harvests of May

Indeed, wherever you go, from north to south & east to west, our islands have something to make your summer sizzle. So, prepare your tummies because this month is sure to challenge your diet with fiestas happening from island-to-island, next-to-next like there’s no tomorrow!

Flores de Mayo
May 1-31 / Nationwide

Every Catholic Filipino probably grew up with Flores de Mayo. It’s a month-long devotion to Virgin Mary. There are daily catechism sessions, praying the rosary as well as fun games. It is then capped with a grand Santacruzan parade at the end of the month.

flores de mayo

Bohol Fiestas
May 1-31 / Bohol

If there is one island known for having the most fiestas in May, that is Bohol. In fact, Bol-anons around the world make this time to go back to their hometown just to keep up with fiestas. Among the biggest festivals here is Saulog of Tagbilaran City.

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saulog festival

Palong Festival
2nd Week of May / Capalonga, Camarines Norte

The town of Capalonga stages Palong Festival every 2nd week of May. It coincides with the feast of the Black Nazarene. Moreover, Capalonga is also known for having extravagant street dancing showcase all around the Bicol Region.

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palong festival

Guimaras Manggahan Festival
May 11-22 / Guimaras

On top of their beautiful beaches, Guimaras is also known for its sweet mangoes. And every 2nd week of May, everyone bursts into a jubilee of bountiful harvest through parades, trade fairs & more. Surely, this is also the best time to sample the mangoes that made their island world famous.

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guimaras manggahan festival

Magayon Festival
May 1-31 / Legazpi City, Albay

The list of festivals in the Philippines for the month of May is never complete without Magayon Festival. It is a month-long festivity held in Legazpi City that brings together the best of Albay Province. From festivals & food to art & culture, they’re all here in one venue.

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magayon festival

Kneeling Carabao Festival
May 11-15 / Pulilan, Bulacan

The Kneeling Festival of Pulilan in Bulacan is a unique & fun way to celebrate the feast of San Isidro Labrador. Here, decorated carabaos parade around town & kneel before the church to ask for blessings. Other activities include agri-trade exhibits, games & variety shows.

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kneeling carabao festival

Pasayahan Festival
May 22-29 / Lucena City, Quezon

Gigantic floats, colorful parades & back-to-back street parties are what people love about Pasayahan sa Lucena Festival. It also makes whoopee of Chami Festival, Lucena’s version of Quezon famous noodle dish.

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pasayahan festival

Balangay Festival
May 10-30 / Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

Balangay or Balanghai commemorates the coming of the first settlers of Agusan on board the traditional sailboat called balanghai. Also, it celebrates the glory of the ancient Kingdom of Butuan that takes its history back to 500 BC.

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balanghay festival

Pahiyas Festival
May 15 / Lucban, Quezon

Lucban’s Pahiyas Festival is one of the poster images of rural festivals in the Philippines. It’s famous for colourful houses decorated with dyed kiping or rice dough wafer. Also, tourists flock here to indulge on local food favorites like pansit habhab, longganisa, broas & many more!

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pahiyas festival

Agawan sa Sariaya
May 15 / Sariaya, Quezon

One of happiest celebrations of the feast of San Isidro Labrador is Agawan Festival in Sariaya, Quezon. Here, it’s a happy pandemonium where people snatch goodies hanging from street decorations or thrown away during the parade.

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agawan festival

Ammungan Festival
May 22-26 / Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Ammungan means “to gather for celebration”. It kicks up one’s heels as Nueva Vizcayanos drumroll their founding anniversary. On this weeklong festivity, traditional dances & music, street parties & exhibits of harvests are showcased to the public.

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ammungan festival

Abaca Festival
4th Week of May / Virac, Catanduanes

To what is already dubbed as the Happy Island, Abaca Festival brings more joy to the small island of Catanduanes. On this occasion, abaca takes the spotlight as each town boasts their bountiful products made from this special indigenous fiber. There are lots of parties too!

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abaca festival

May 24-25 / Dakak, Dapitan City

Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan City is the ground zero of Estivale, the biggest & wildest beach party in Zamboanga del Norte. Graced by some of the best in the revelry scene, this event must be on any partyphile’s bucketlist.

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