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Festivals in the Philippines | July Guide

Make your July super bombastic with these festivals in the Philippines adored by millions of partyphiles!

This is what you get when you live in a country with more than 7,000 islands — endless fiestas! And even in this rainy month, there’s no stopping the Philippines in bringing storms of festivals to fill your July so wild & busy.


festivals in the philippines July

Festivals in the Philippines: Yay, July!

From fluvial parades to weaving festivals & from dude-my-face-is-melting parties to underwater fiestas, we got it all covered! In fact, the number of days in July isn’t enough to fill all the fiestas. So we just scrape the highlights. But these are enough to fill your calendar crazy!

So let’s make July fantastic with these bombastic festivals in the Philippines.

Sagayan Festival
Tubod, Lanao del Norte / July 1-5

sagayan festival

First on the list is Sagayan Festival, a hallmark event every July. Sagayan is a war dance performed by the Maranaos depicting the movements of Prince Bantugan in the epic Darangen. Additionally, it coincides with the founding anniversary of Lanao del Norte. So just imagine, the slew of activities like trade fairs, concerts, fireworks display & many more!

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Pagoda Festival
Bocaue, Bulacan / First Sunday of July

festivals in the philippines

Second, is the the grandest fluvial parade in the Philippines, Bulacan’s Pagoda Festival. It honours the Holy Cross of Wawa. Moreover, it is also known as Bocaue River Festival where giant pagodas of the wildest designs float along Bocaue River.

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T’nalak Festival
Koronadal City, South Cotabato / July 12-18


The list of festivals in the Philippines is never complete without South Cotabato’s T’nalak Festival. Taking its inspirations from the handwoven fabric called t’nalak, it rejoices the arts, culture as well as the bountiful living of the people of South Cotabato. Truly, this festival is one of the must-see events in the country.

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Subayan Keg Subanen Festival
Ozamis City / July 15

festivals in the philippines

Among the many things lovable about Ozamis City is its Subayan keg Subanen Festival. It is an annual gathering that celebrates the wonderful culture of the Subanen. It is a regular entry to the province-wide festival of festivals called Pasungko. In fact, they’re always an anticipated group each year.

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Banig Festival
Badian, Cebu / July 23

festivals in the philippines

Certainly, Cebu is known for many things beautiful. And in Badian, its famous handicraft, the banig or mat, steals the spotlight in the annual Banig Festival every 3rd week of July. Likewise, it coincides with the town fiesta showcasing more of Badianganons arts, heritage, food & sense of fun!

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Camiguin Dive Festival
Camiguin Island / June 23-August 31

camiguin dive festival

Next, is a first of its kind in Northern Mindanao. This time, Camiguin takes its visitors to a new depth of island adventures at the 1st Camiguin Dive Festival. Notably, it highlights fun dives & underwater photography contest. Then there are dive lessons too. All these at super discounted rates!

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Kinabayo Festival
Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte / July 23-27

kinabayo festival

Expressly, on the northwestern end of Mindanao, Dapitan City rejoices the Feast of St. James in a fiesta like no other. Kinabayo Festival highlights the re-enactment of the Battle of Covadonga. Aside from the religious activities, it also showcases various other events such as carnivals, trade fairs as well as concerts.

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Kaliga Festival
Gingoog City / July 22-24

festivals in the philippines

Kaliga, a Higaunon word meaning “to celebrate” is a fitting name for a city celebrating its charter anniversary & its indigenous roots. Also, it gives gratitude for all the bounties received. For the most part, Kaliga features various Higaunon ritual chants, dances & music.

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Sublian sa Batangas
Batangas City / July 23

festivals in the philippines

Finally, Subli is one of the popular Philippine folk dances rooted in the religious praise movements, music & poetry honoring the Holy Cross. Today, Sublian Festival evolved into a social event highlighting Batangueño arts, culture & heritage.

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