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Philippine Travel Mart 2019

We’re on fire as the hottest, brightest & wildest travel sale hits the Philippines once again! It’s creeping with rage & there’s no way stopping the madness of Philippine Travel Mart 2019!


Now on its 30th run, the Philippine Tour Operators Association has set the stage for the sweltering travel fair at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. And yes, you need to panic because it’s only going to run for 3 days, from August 30-September 1!

Are you ready for Philippine Travel Mart 2019?

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Honestly, no drill could ever make you master the ways of the Philippine Travel Mart because each year they always bring in new surprises that leave everyone in gawking panic.

But it’s good to know the basic survival techniques to endure this shopping madness & come out happy with swoon-worthy travel deals! So in 1-2-3, breathe in!

1. Be ready with your money


Be it in cold cash or in majestic plastics, make sure you’re ready to pay. But if you intend to make it through credit card, I hope you’ve cleared your credit limit because you don’t want to end up getting declined, do you?

ATM machines are available at the venue but always anticipate offline scenarios. Special lanes are also allotted for credit card holders, however you’re never assured to get the first digs baby.

2. Camp out or join camp sawi

Get there early because it’s on a first-come first-serve basis. Yes, there’s gonna be a long queue & expect to sardine yourself with the rest. Many people camp out before the door opens because as what we all believe, the early bird catches the worm.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice, then you might just be joining camp sawi & wallow on regrets.

3. Be fast or be last

Do your homework by visiting PHILTOA’s website & social media pages. Take note of the list of exhibitors & understand the expo layout. This way, you’ll know to how to briskly weave through along the maze flanked with irresistible temptations.

Dohlink, it’s an onsite travel fair so never expect for these amazing deals to show up online. Remember, don’t just rock at home with your laptop because the action happens live at the SMX!

4. Know where you’re going

Have a destination in mind but be open to give in to other exciting deals. I’m sure you have a bucketlist of places to visit before you die. So go over it & find first the tour operators that offer it before you crossover to other stalls. There’s really no sweeter victory than getting what you want.

Philippine Travel Mart also offers international deals so be ready with your passport dohlinks!

5. Check your calendar


Always know when you are free to travel without a hitch. Check out holiday schedules & long weekends. You might want to tag along your boss in the venue so you’ll get better chances of getting your application for leave approved!

philippine travel mart 2019

Be ready for an exciting weekend because Philippine Travel Mart 2019 promises to bring you a sizzling travel shopping experience with smokin’ hot deals you’ll only ever get this year.


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