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Philippine Travel Mart 2015

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Are you a seat-sale chaser, a beachcomber, an adventurous backpacker, a food pilgrim or a travel warrior? Then you must come to 26th Philippine Travel Mart on September 4-6, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Staged by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), the Philippine Travel Mart is the grandest travel expo in the country. This annual gathering brings various airlines, hotels, resorts & tourism agencies under one roof on a maddening travel sale!

Philippine Travel Mart is most raved about travel bazaar with hundreds of exhibitors & tons of amazing deals!


This event features super discounted tour packages in the Philippines & select ASEAN countries. If you haven’t had any luck on airline seat sales, this is the perfect opportunity for you to book it. With its numerous hotel & resort partners on-site, choosing your holiday accommodations is an easy-breezy decision.

Philippine Travel Mart is the largest one-stop shop for all your travel fancies. It offers irresistible deals on exciting destinations like the most coveted Batanes & other exciting mix of tours from food & heritage to adventure & ecotrails.

So what makes it different from the tons of promo offers that can be easily purchased online & without having to leave home? All the packages on sale in the event are much lower & only available in the venue on a “book & buy” system. This only means to you have to be ready with your cash or credit cards for you to avail of the exhibitors’ offers.

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This travel expo will also showcase various other activities that promote Philippine art & culture in dances, music & fashion. Innovative ideas such as onsite digital travel shopping will be experienced by travel patrons.

So plan your holiday now because wherever you’d like to go, all roads lead only to one destination on September 4-6—-at the Philippine Travel Mart.

Happy journeys!



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