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Festivals in the Philippines | August Guide

Looks like August is going to be a busy month with lots of festivals in the Philippines worth attending. From fruit harvests to cultural celebrations & from local crafts to even buzzing bees, the Filipinos just never run out of reasons to have a fiesta.

festivals in the philippines

This month, most of the big festivals in the Philippines are happening in Mindanao. In fact, by mid-month there’s no more blinking with events happening town-after-town. Yes, this is the season you wish you could be in many places all at the same time.

kadayawan festival

Awesome August Festivals in the Philippines

Mark your calendars & plan your trips well. To make most of your holiday, choose contiguous places so you can at least take glimpses of each festival. This month, we are going to list them according to regions & when they’re happening.

Have a blast partypeeps!

festivals in the philippines

Davao Region

Kadayawan sa Davao Festival
Davao City / August 1-31

festivals in the philippines

Kadayawan is no doubt among the grandest festivals in the Philippines. It celebrates the bounty of harvests & the cultures of its 11 tribes. As always, the most anticipated events are Indak-Indak (August 17) & Pamulak (Aug 24).

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Timpupo Festival
Kidapawan City / August 17-18

timpupo festival

Kidapawan City is known as the Fruit Basket of Mindanao. And if you love fruits, their fruit-all-you-can will floor you. Durian, marang, mangosteen, mangoes, bananas, rambutan — name it, they have it. So fruitarians, this is your game!!!

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Northern Mindanao

Kumbira Festival
Cagayan de Oro / August 14-16


Kumbira is one of the biggest & longest running culinary shows in the Philippines. Hosted by Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA), this event gathers professionals & students in showdowns & competitions. It also stages trade fairs & forums.

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Higalaay Festival
Cagayan de Oro / August 1-28

UPDATE: Higalaay Festival goes online celebration. Click here for more info.

higalaay festival

Cagayan de Oro is known is the City of Golden Friendship. Truly, nothing befits a title than Higalaay, that in the local language means “friendship”. For a month, the city turns even more vibrant with lots of activities showcasing the best of CDO.

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Regional Travel Fair
Cagayan de Oro City / August 23-24

Cagayan de oro

The biggest & happiest regional travel fair in the country is rolling down south in August. So check your bucket list now & get ready to find the best travel deals in this 2-day travel sale madness.

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Albay Province

Ibalong Festival
Legazpi City / August 3rd Week

ibalong festival

Ibalong Festival celebrates the story of the Bicolanos’ epic called Ibalong. Guests at Ibalong are treated with so much frenzy like street dancing, parties, trade shows & the usual beauty contest.

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Coron Festival
Tiwi, Albay / Aug 8-17

coron festival

Nearby, is the small town of Tiwi. However, small as it may seem, it is big in both natural & cultural attractions. Coron Festival celebrates its pottery industry. Also, it highlights their devotion to Nuestra Señora de Salvacion, the patroness of Tiwi through a fluvial procession.

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Visayas Region

Hudyaka sa Panglao Festival
Panglao, Bohol / August 4th Week

hudyaka sa panglao festival

Panglao is no stranger to any tourist as it is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. But this tiny island becomes even more bright during the Hudyaka sa Panglao Festival as it brings lots of cool activities for locals & tourists alike.

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Buyogan Festival
Abuyog, Leyte / August 4th Week

buyogan festival

A sparkling addition to the list of festivals in the Philippines is Buyogan in a small town in Leyte called Abuyog. Yes, this may just be a small town fiesta but it is also home to the buzzing all-time fave dance groups in Sinulog Festival.

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North Luzon

Cabibi Festival
Lal-lo, Cayagan Province / August 1-4

cabibi festival

Further up north, Cabibi Festival celebrates for 3 reasons. First, is this unique shell found only along Cagayan River. Second, is the commemoration of their pagan past & their Christianization. Lastly, it’s the culmination of their town fiesta activities. So, with all these reasons, fun is in mind if it’s anything Cabibi Festival is to go by.

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