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Every August 26-28, Cagayan de Oro celebrates the feast of St. Augustine, the city’s patron saint in a colorful extravaganza called Kagay-an Festival. It showcases Kagay-anons’ bests in art and culture, food, beauty and trade.








Known to the world as the City of Golden Friendship, CDO welcomes its guests to this festival with so much warmth. In a jampacked week full of activities, all you need to do is to surrender to every joy it brings. In this time of the year, CDO takes the tourism limelight, as it becomes the country’s convergence of cultural and pop showcases, never-ending parades of beauty and buffets of all sorts Kagay-anon.






Cagayan de Oro is strategically located in Northern Mindanao and has been regarded as gateway to other parts of the country. Not only it has become one of the country’s premier cities, it is also dotting the eco-tourism circuit with its white water rafting adventures. Over the years, this city has changed its economic and social landscape, bringing both that southern feel pulsating with creative energies and the elements of modern conveniences.

Chadaha ah!


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