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For more than a century now, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse still shines bright, guiding ships sailing in the northwestern side into Philippine waters. But more than it being a beacon of safety, it is also a seafaring landmark that reminds us of our colonial past.

cape bojeador lighthouse

It is perched atop the hill of Vigia de Nagparitan in the scenic town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte. The lighthouse was first lit in March 1892 using a first-order fresnel lens. It overlooks Cape Bojeador, a sweeping headland that fringes the waters of West Philippine Sea.

cape bojeador ilocos norte

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse: That Centennial Light

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse was designed & constructed by Magin Pers y Pers. It was a commissioned work by Spain to illuminate the archipelago back in the 19th century. However, it was finished by Guillermo Brockman. Called Faro de Cabo Bojeador, this octagonal tower stands 20 meters high & is made of red bricks. This building material was popular around the Ilocos region because of the abundance of high iron oxide clay.

cape bojeador lighthouse

Typhoons & earthquakes have spared this piece of heritage for so long that it remains as one of the oldest functioning Spanish lighthouses in the country. Filipinos honour it as a National Historical Landmark as well as a National Cultural Treasure.

cape bojeador lighthouse

There are only a few Spanish-era lighthouses standing to this day. Cape Engaño in Palaui Island on the northeastern side is among those. Unlike its eastern counterpart, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse doesn’t lie in ruins. Beaming that rustic colonial feel, its tower stands well preserved & its buildings are wonderfully restored.

cape bojeador lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse lies along the hearthstone of Ilocos Norte’s biggest tourism destinations. Nearby popular attractions include Kapurpurawan Rock Formations & Bangui Windmills. Further north are the white sand beaches of Pagudpud.

The lighthouse is a quick ride up on the hill. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy a panoramic view of Ilocandia’s landscape & feeling the breeze of the northern winds.

cape bojeador lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse continues to cast its beacon for more than a hundred years now to safely guide everyone at sea — that northern light at night that says, this way to home.



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