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D3553 : More than Just Bed and Breakfast

Among the many other pleasant characters that define this pacific island nation, amazing hospitality is one shining badge that Filipinos proudly wear at all times. As bright as its tropical sun and as gentle as the ripples of its cerulean shores, the Filipinos’ concept of hospitality always extends to treating guests as a family more than just a tourist on a holiday.
This virtue is what D3553 B&B holds dear to their service. Located at Durango Street in Makati, this small bed-and-breakfast place is a joyful choice for international backpackers seeking the comfort of a Filipino home in a safe and convenient location. In alliance with AirBnB, D3553 hosts you on budget-friendly rates without compromising a 24/7 warm service. It lives to its community’s goal of giving each guest that sense of belongingness, anywhere in the world.
 You Got a Family
Guests at D3553 are hosted by the lovely Francisco family. Although primarily ran by Dominique, a young and go-getter world traveler, her Papa Jun can also bring you around on a motorbike and her Mama Amy can make you coffee over stories of Philippine art, culture and history. There’s Tintin and Migo, the foodie and partyphile siblings who can overload you with Filipino favorites from awesome food to heart-thumping night-outs. And oh, there’s this kid named Jaze who will outwit you with his kick-ass questions and 5th grade antics.
Dominique works in a social enterprise and a nomadic sun worshipper by heart.
The Francisco Family. Your Filipino Hosts—Artsy, Foodies, Wanderers, Cool
As backpackers, we all know that one of the hardest realities we face on the road is accepting the fact that we have to leave friends and families we meet on our journey. The Franciscos’ are definitely one of them.
At D3553, it’s always a family thing. They’re happy to help you with anything Philippines.
And if Dominique’s free, she will join you in your discovery of the fantastic sights around.

Your Home Away from Home

D3553 is a real Filipino home where one of the apartment doors is converted into a bed-and-breakfast accommodation. Your host family lives on a detached building within a small, gated complex. With only 2 bedrooms that are modestly prepped, fully airconditioned and clean toilets, your budget yet restful accommodation is always guaranteed.
D3553 is furnished with the basic home amenities that you can use anytime.
Clean and spacious rooms.
One room comes with a double bed and the other a single matrimonial bed. Extra bed may be arranged.
Spacious living room for you to laze around.
Comfy nooks perfect for chitchat over coffee or beer.
Small workstation where you can write your travel journal or send email back home.
It’s a self-serviced apartment where you can cook, do your laundry or watch the latest news from home on its cable TV. You can grab a book, surf the internet, chitchat with other travelers or simply laze around in its pretty nooks. D3553 is simple but homey and just about what any backpacker looks for.

Just Right Where You Are

D3553 is located within the residential area of Makati, the country’s premier business district. It is within a few kilometer radius to places of interests like Intramuros, Rizal Park and Manila Bay. Strategically within the business part of the city, local transport like taxis, jeepneys and buses are widely available to ferry you to the malls, bus stations, airports or popular sights.
San Agustin Church, the oldest baroque church in the Philippines dating to 1571.
Intramuros or the Walled City of Manila built during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines.
Makati City skyline. Photo by ShiirManz in
Staying at D3553 is living the Filipino way. You do not need to worry about your itinerary, as your host will help you plan in hopping around the wide Philippine archipelago the happiest way. At D3553, it’s more than just bed-and-breakfast, it’s bed-and-breakfast-and what have yous!
D3553 B&B
3553 Durango Street, Palanan, Makati City, Philippines
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