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Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes | Fun Adventures in Desert Oasis

The Ilocos Norte sand dunes are a vast playground for thrilling escapades that require nothing but the will to let go of fear & the eagerness to have fun. It’s an adventure that teaches children to be brave & the not so young to have that childlike joy, at least for a moment.

ilocos norte sand dunes

Stretching from the towns of Currimao, Paoay, Laoag & all the way through parts of Pasuquin are the Ilocos Norte sand dunes, the only one of its kind in the Philippines. But among these towns, Laoag & Paoay rival for the best desert experience.

ilocos norte sand dunes

I have tried the exciting activities in both places. And my recent at the most recommended La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag was nothing short of heart-throbbing fun. I had a great time & that puts Ilocos Norte still on top of my most loved provinces in the country.

ilocos norte sand dunes

Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes: Wild, Dusty, Pretty

Tumble & roll, trip & flip, slide & glide — sand boarding is what most tourists come here for. It’s bumpy & dusty, wild & wickedly fun!

The position doesn’t really matter — you can stand, squat, sit or even lay flat on the board — as long as you get yourself sliding down the slope. It can get scary at first looking at the height & the steep incline. But once you get the feel of it, you become unstoppable.

sand boarding ilocos

Whether you’re an experienced boarder or a newbie, sand boarding could be tricky. First timers are usually advised to take the basic sitting or the laying position. This one allows you to feel the rush as you fly down the dune without rolling over. But c’mon, we know it’s fun to cheer & watch our friends tumble down on the sand!

ilocos norte sand dunes

ilocos norte sand dunes

Experiencing Ilocos Norte sand dunes are also about its exhilarating 4×4 rides! In fact, getting there on these beast buggies is already half the fun.

ilocos norte

Cruise around hectares of sand dunes in unimaginable speed. Strap yourself tight as your driver takes you to a ride of your life. Hold on to your spirit as you make sharp turns on hairpin curves & thrilling rollercoaster maneuvers in a labyrinth of pine trees & sand walls.

ilocos norte sand dunes

But the best part of the ride is when you plummet down the dusty hill in rocket speed! At this time, all you could do is to close your eyes, throw your hands in the air & shriek your lungs out as your buggy wings with that butterfly in your stomach.

ilocos norte sand dunes

The National Commission on Geological Science declared the Ilocos Norte sand dunes in 1993 as a National Geological Monument. These long & wide stretches of dunes run parallel with the coast that fringes the West Philippine Sea.

ilocos norte sand dunes

It undulates to about 30-50 meters high providing a dramatic panorama of sun-kissed ergs hemmed by the sea & a maze of slacks crouched by everlasting golden glow.

ilocos norte sand dunes

So next time you come up north, pack a bagful of enthusiasm & experience the thrill of Ilocos Norte sand dunes like no other.


For reservations, contact:
Laoag Sand Dunes
Brgy. 31, Talingaan, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
+63 9279053111; +63 9198233335


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