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Mararison Island | Culasi, Province of Antique

Ripped from the coast of Culasi, Mararison Island is beyond reason, one of the most stunning travel destinations in Antique. And just 20 minutes by boat from the mainland, indeed, it’s an easy breezy getaway.

Mararison antique

Before 2013, Mararison Island was still out of any tourist radar.  It was a playground mostly known only to Antiqueños. Then came supertyphoon Yolanda that wiped out hundreds of homes, lives & livelihood.

mararison island antique

As everyone came to rebuild what was lost to her wrath, so was the unfurling of a beautiful island. It wasn’t too long ‘til tourists came flocking in. Now, barely 6 years into that one fateful day in November, Mararison Island has become Antique’s precious darling.

mararison island

mararison island

Mararison Island: Beauty After Madness

Lapped by the waters of the Sulu Sea, the island boasts of a postcard-perfect landscape. Here, everything is bright: white sand shingles, a lapis lazuli sea, cliff-backed beaches & dramatic sunrises.

Culasi antique province

Then there’s the rolling hills carpeted by savannah brown grass. Up on this spot are captivating panoramas of a world unto itself. It’s beautiful. Truly, beautiful.


mararison antique

mararison culasi antique

And as if it’s not enough, a long powdery white sand bar sweeps on the other side of the island. Even when the beach gets more tanned tourists on weekends, this stretch is still far from the rest of Panay beach hype.

mararison island

Mararison Island: On the Flip Side

Despite its short distance from the mainland, Mararison neither has commercial electricity nor fresh water. Resorts & homes share the 50 kW solar power distributed throughout the small island.

While power is a round-the-clock supply, however, even regular fans couldn’t keep up with the island’s extreme humidity.

mararison island culasi antique

Enrique de mararison

Tap water is gold on Mararison Island. Everyone needs to pump the earth before it gets to your shower. Even so, it hardly drips. In other words, keeping yourself fresh all day is quite an imagination.

Moreover, mobile signal is only available on the hill & in the village too. But everything can’t be perfect. Soon, it’ll be fine.

mararison island

Despite all the little shortcomings, there are still many reasons to love Mararison Island. From the sea to the sand, from the hills or from the sky, anywhere you look around is a sight of loveliness. Indeed, it’s a place you can call, you’ve arrived to escape.


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