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Da.U.De Tea Lounge : Refreshing Indulgence

Philippines is not well-known for teas but one Filipina takes her tea seriously. Renee Sebastian is the first Tea Master in the country and she shares this love and connoisseurship in Da.U.De Tea Lounge.
Brewing quietly along 4thStreet in Bonifacio Global City, Da.U.De serves the finest teas handcrafted by tea experts. From clean and refreshing flavor to bold and roasted tang, it has something to offer for every taste.


Tea is more than just whisking hot water on it. It is a complex process and in many countries around the world, it is a long held and delicate tradition. In the Philippines, tea lounges are slowly gaining popularity driven by the playful variations it has taken on.
In Da.U.De, its careful expressions of tea ranges from the sublimely exotic to floral and fruity tropical tastes. It also has an array of delectable patisserie that goes well with your chosen tea. It is a modish lounge with impressions of European aesthetics. Inside, the atmosphere has a lingering feel especially when the soft streaks of light break into its huge glass panels.
While drinking tea suggests formal sit-down impressions, Da.U.De is able to bring in younger patrons because of its vibrant concoctions and unintimidating ambience. It has taken its couture and organic blends into a bouncy level that appeals to the new generation of tea lovers.
Like its tea, Da.U.De is sophisticated. Like the soft chinking of bone chinas, its people are gentle. The service is fast but the experience is indulgent. Its flavors are earthy but the aroma is heavenly.
It is desirable quaffing, it is Da.U.De.  
Da.U.De Tea Lounge
Netlima Building, 4th Street
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines
+63 2 8544187

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