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Bellini Cebu : Of Bubbles and Sparkles


Finding chill out spots in Cebu is never hard as this vibrant party city in the South has more to offer than usual. But if you are looking for über-chic places that blend great booze and swank ambience, Bellini Champagne Bar is perfect for you.
Decked on a ridge along Nivel Hills in Lahug, Cebu City, Bellini sparkles like its namesake champagne concoction. It offers a wide range of exquisite wine choices, endless flights of Martini and takes pride in its seasonal specialty cocktails.


I am way passed my drinking generation and my tolerance for alcohol has obviously gone down the drain. But this invitation from a long time friend, Mong of Cebu’s Campaigns and Grey was way too good to be refused. I was never disappointed and its popular long drink made my evening bubbly as its Bellini.
Cebu is undoubtedly one of the country’s premiere travel destinations and the South’s hub for hospitality fare. Bellini Champagne Bar captures this cosmopolitan vibe reserved for its guests with distinct chill-out preferences.
Bellini Champagne Bar
Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills
Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
+63 32 2327375; +63 32 2360097

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Summary: Hilltop bar, perfect for sunset over wine!


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